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Seven Simple Relaxation Techniques to
Powerfully Reduce

"After the exercises I feel really peaceful. I kind of describe it as a clean high." (Derek Belcher)

"Very relaxing...hard to describe how good I feel." (Matt Sauvage)

"I always feel rejuvenated after I do one of these relaxation exercises." (Bryan Swisher)

"After meditation, I felt very relaxed and awake. I had no tension and my worries were no longer in the foreground of my mind. I felt rejuvenated and full of energy. This (relaxation) technique is very positive for me. I plan to keep doing it." (Eddie Niswander)

"I felt less tired. I felt refreshed. My eyes were no longer tired and my body felt like it was humming. I don't know how else to explain it. I definitely felt better." (Karri Belcher)

"All weekend long I had a tension headache. I even went to the doctor and this was his diagnosis. I was in a lot of pain and so I tried one of the relaxation techniques rather than take the four Advil four times a day prescribed by the doctor. The exercise was very productive. It relieved most of the tension I was feeling in my neck and shoulders. After the first time (trying the exercise) I was very relaxed and each of the two times after this the tension seemed to go away. Prior to this, I would go to the doctor and try several doses of Tylenol and acetaminophen. There was no relief after any of the medication was taken. I truly believe the relaxation exercise helped with my tension headache." (Billie Jo Pinter)

"After doing the relaxation exercise I felt as if I was ready to do something. I was "up and ready to go." I felt almost wired. I was also in a better mood. Before, I felt as if I was biting people's heads off. The day went by a lot smoother after this activity. This helped me a great deal. I am going to try to do this daily." (Leslie Schumacher)

"(After doing the relaxation exercise) ... my body feels very relaxed. And very awake. I feel more alert." (Scott Jones)

"Relaxed with my plants. My whole day was very calm, beautiful and enjoyable. My household is starting to benefit by my taking time for myself. This is a good thing. I am starting to look at a lot of things in my life differently. My reactions are not so compulsive. I seem to have more energy at the end of the day." (Kelly Dillinger)

"After relaxing I felt completely relaxed. I almost hated to get up and go deal with anything else. My mind was clear and the stress just seemed to disappear." (Joe Savino)

"This (relaxation) exercise is great! When I finished, I felt wonderful. My friend and I went mountain bike riding. I had so much energy. We biked about 8 miles and it didn't phase me. This exercise is great and I plan on using it weekly and I recommend it to anyone who has not tried it." (Tee Wade)

"After doing the exercise I always feel more relaxed and more at ease. Once, I even started with a headache and it was gone at the end of it. Overall, I really enjoy meditation and plan to make it an everyday event." (Russ Hutteman)

"After doing the relaxation exercise, I felt rested and more in tune with the world. I had more energy." (Jonathon Woods)

"After doing the relaxation exercise, I felt very relaxed and I wasn't tired when I came out of it. A couple hours later, I still felt relaxed and still had the energy to go and I was no longer tired." (Willy Alberico)

"After the relaxation exercises I felt that I was very relaxed and had very little stress in my body." (Kevin Gross)


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