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Seven Simple Relaxation Techniques to
Powerfully Reduce

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This video contains seven quick, simple and powerful relaxation exercises:

  • PowerNap: Instantly produces a resurgence of energy and feelings of centeredness. Running time: 10:32

  • Restful Breathing: Immediately turns off stressful feelings and unwanted physical tension. Running time: 10:05

  • Colors Guided Imagery: Uses your imagination to quickly bring yourself to a state of inner silence and stillness. Running time: 9:48

  • Body Scan: Releases uncomfortable tension and restores the body and mind to feelings of calmness and serenity. Running time: 15:00

  • Autogenics: Brings feelings of comfortable warmth and heaviness to areas of your body to instantly turn off stressful sensations. Running time: 15:33

  • Mountain Lake Guided Imagery: Uses your imagination to guide yourself to a place of pure stillness that will make you feel peaceful and calm. Running time: 7:37

  • Progressive Relaxation: Produces immediate release of muscle tension throughout the entire body. Running time: 13:26

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You can now enjoy 7 proven effective exercises to relax that take no more than 15 minutes each. This new video tape will allow you to unwind, relax, calm down, and reenergize. All you do is stick the tape in your VCR, sit or lie down, and follow the directions. Enjoy!

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