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Welcome to my stress management and wellness website.

My main professional interest is helping people experience optimal health and well-being. For the past 20 years I have been studying and teaching about health and wellness. In that time I have come to the following conclusion:

There are three primary positive behaviors that if you do correctly and regularly, can help protect you from most of the health problems of today. The first two are regular activity and  appropriate nutrition. The third and the focus of this website is Stress Management. Included in this conclusion are the following comments:

Nearly every malady and disease that we encounter in our culture has a stress component. Stress may not be the cause of most of our problems, but stress definitely makes the problems that we have worse.

The unpleasant effects of stress are preventable. It is also possible to reduce stress when we feel it in its many unpleasant ways.

This website is dedicated to giving you tools that help you reduce and prevent undesirable stress.

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