Evan Barlow

Evan Barlow

Dr. Evan Barlow joined the faculty in the Supply Chain Management Program in Weber State University ’s Goddard School of Business & Economics in 2016. He completed his PhD in Operations Management at Northwestern University ’s Kellogg School of Management . He also has a B.S. degree from Brigham Young University and a M.S. degree from the University of Texas at Austin in chemical engineering. Prior to studying at Northwestern, he spent 4 years as a process development engineer in Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Process R&D department where, among other accomplishments, he helped develop a process to mass produce a new cancer drug.

Dr. Barlow’s research focuses on the intersection of operations and supply chain management with organizational and labor economics. Current research topics explore worker poaching between supply chain members; the interaction between worker training, flexibility, and autonomy; and organizational and supply chain design in the presence of labor market competition. He is currently a member of INFORMS and M&SOM .



Operations and Supply Chain Management Academic Papers:

JIT Production and Labor Hoarding: The Impact of Labor Costs and Frictions on Production Timing (work in progress)
Barlow, Allon, Bassamboo. Workers' Flexible Training and Empowerment with Production Decision Rights (work in progress)
Barlow, Allon, Bassamboo. Poaching Workers in a Supply Chain: Enemy From Within?

Pharmaceutical Industry Professional Papers:

Lobben, Barlow, et al. Control Strategy for the Manufacture of Brivanib Alaninate, a Novel Pyrrolotriazine VEGFR/FGFR Inhibitor
Broxer, Barlow, et al. The Development of a Robust Process for a CRF1 Receptor Antagonist

Semiconductor Industry Academic Publications:

McClure, Barlow, et al. Effect of Dilute Nitric Acid on Crystallization and Fracture of Amorphous Solid Water Films
McClure, Barlow, et al. Transport in Amorphous Solid Water Films: Implications for Self-Diffusivity

Medical Device and Healthcare Academic Publications:

Goodman, Barlow, et al. Computational Model of Device-Induced Thrombosis and Thromboembolism

Renewable Fuels and Sustainability Academic Publications:

Hunsaker, Barlow, et al. Renewable transportation fuels from biomass and black liquor



SCM 3050: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the value creation engine of every organization. The focus of this course is to acquaint students with the core elements of supply chain management: 1) customer value, 2) collaborative value creation, and 3) systems thinking. The course introduces and defines the three primary functions that compose supply chain activities- 1) purchasing, 2) operations, and 3) logistics-and shows how they need to work together to create the high-quality, low-cost, and innovative products and services that customers expect to find in today’s marketplace. Important analytical tools are introduced. Prerequisite: QUAN 2600 (or Business Admin. Dept. approval for engineering majors with comparable statistics background)

SCM 3500: Spreadsheet Modeling for Decision-Making

Spreadsheet software enables business people to model and analyze quantitative problems in a wide variety of business contexts. This course covers spreadsheet modeling in terms of optimization models for deciding the best set of decisions to meet constraints and performance objectives; simulation models for considering uncertainty in business operations and decisions; and other decision models and tools. Through conceptual and applied topics, this course will enhance one’s problems solving and modeling capabilities as well as Excel spreadsheet skills. Prerequisite: BSAD 2899; QUAN 2600; QUAN 3610; SCM 3050. Recommended pre-or co-requisite: QUAN 2400.



Room 281, Wattis Building, Weber State University
Phone: 801-626-6418
Email: evanbarlow@weber.edu