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COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course is designed to introduce to students a wide range of poetic periods and styles.

  ~ We値l trace the history and development of poetry in Western culture to gain a sense of how poetic styles may be related, how they might have changed, and what themes have arisen撲r recurred--over broad historical periods.

  ~ Because this is a writing-intensive course, you値l write regularly and often about what you池e reading.

  ~ Finally, each of you will have the chance to sample many different poems to find which ones or types you like best.


  ~ You値l become conversant with poetic elements of style, including rhythm, meter, rime.

  ~ You値l learn about the social and historical context out of which individual poems, or genres, arise.

    ~You値l acquire interpretive skills through writing and discussing specific poems.

  ~ You値l learn how to write critically about various types of poetry.
    ~ By paying attention to issues of logical expression and accurate proof-reading for collected assignments, you値l get practice revising your writing to improve it.

RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: This syllabus is the governing contract of this course, so your decision to take the course means you accept the conditions laid out here. I知 also bound by this document, and may not make any significant changes without the consent of the class.

Students are required to read assignments, to follow directions, to meet announced deadlines, to participate fully in class activities, and to complete all assignments, papers, and projects. Respectful dialogue including disagreement is well in academic inquiry, where opinions are invited and evidence expected.

Absence is not a justification for missing deadlines. Students must arrange with classmates to find out about missed classes, assignments, or handouts, or can contact me. Late work is usually not accepted; students should check with me about their individual situation.

Any student requiring accommodations or services due to disability must contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) in Rm. 181 of the Student Service Center.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: (in bookstore)

   * An Introduction to Poetry by J. De Roche

   * The Actualist Anthology ed. Morty Sklar

    *a binder for notes and journal entries

You値l be required to regularly annotate (10%) all assigned reading:

    ~ annotation is your active engagement吠n note or word form吠n the poetry text

  ~ making notes, underlining important words, and asking questions of the text means that you are intellectually exploring and responding to a poem

  ~ assigned poems and all introductory sections must be read and annotated

You値l also be required to keep a journal (10%) into which you should enter

  ~ notes from the class

  ~ freewrites

  ~ two one-page write-ups on a poem a week

  ~ a weekly page summarizing what you learned

  ~ and, of course, dooooooodlesssssアアアアアアアアア

Formal class writing (30%):

~  three 2-3 page wordprocessed papers

* work quotes into your own writing

* provides experience in critical writing for the final paper

~ final critical paper due Mon of final week of classes (4-5 pages)

Poem-writing assignment

~ one open & one closed-form poem

~ best will be placed in broadsheet & read by me in class

Final Exam (20%): 2-hour during finals week

ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION: Because you will be participating with your classmates in group discussions and activities which will be impossible to make up, you should plan to attend all classes unless illness or emergency prevents you. You値l be allowed three absences, after which your attendance/participation grade will be lowered 1/3 of a letter grade for each absence. Four absences result in lowering an "A" to "A-"; five absences lower the grade to "B+," and so on. If an emergency arises, you need to provide clear documentation from a doctor for illness, and a mechanic for car repairs, etc. Otherwise, the absence will not be excused.

Please be punctual. If you池e late and I mark you absent, at the end of the semester you may be shocked to receive a lower grade than expected. Please respect the class and your peers by arriving on time. If you arrive 15 minutes after the start of class, you値l be counted absent.

THE WRITING CENTER:. Because not everyone taking this course enters with the same amount of preparation, I may require a number of students to take papers there. I urge all of you, even those receiving high grades, to work with a tutor whenever possible to receive the type of focused attention that can help improve your overall writing expertise.

GRADES:  Attendance/participation         10%
                    Annotation                             10%
                    Journals                                 10%
Three 2/3 page papers                 30%
Critical paper                               20%
Exam                                           20%
***NO LATE CLASS ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED, except for illness or emergency. You can e-mail me assignments by the start of class if you know you will be absent. If you do this, send the assignment in the e-mail, not as an attachment. Late formal papers will be lowered by 1/3 letter grade for each day late up to 3 days late.

CLASS ETHICAL CODE: Even though there are no exams in this course, cheating by plagiarism (copying/using another person痴 writing) is a crime, and a university infraction that will result in a failing grade. If you have questions concerning plagiarism, please see me.