Facets Model Assignment


The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop your understanding and awareness of the music you have selected to share with children. With a thorough understanding of the music you have chosen, you will be in a much better position to share this music with others and make connections with other disciplines.

Many of the questions on the facets model may be answered by reading what has been written in English or other languages. Library and web resources can be very helpful. For other questions, however, you should use the enactive and iconic modes of knowledge representation to learn and demonstrate your understanding. These modes will better prepare you to answer the following facets model questions:

To answer these questions, develop listening maps that help you focus your attention on musical events that occur throughout each of your musical selections. You will be essentially developing your own ability to flow with each of your pieces of music. By the time you complete this assignment, you will have seen many examples of listening maps presented in class and others may be found in the materials on reserve in the library.

Make kinesthetic and visual maps. Kinesthetic maps take the form of movement, both bodily movement or the movement of props, scarves, puppets, icons, and symbols. Visual maps may take the form of graphics, pictures, icons, and symbols. They allow you to point to or manipulate visuals that "look like"(icons) or "represent" (symbols) sound events that occur throughout your selection. You may find listening maps created by others, for example the composer's musical score or listening maps in music textbooks, and these maps may help you to develop your own listening maps.

Facets Model Evaluation Criteria

    1.   Each question on the Facets Model has been sufficiently addressed. See the following examples

    2.  The designer has developed two or more listening maps of the musical selection. See the following examples:

  The Facets Model is from Sound Ways of Knowing: Music in the Interdisciplinary Curriculum by Janet Barrett, Clair McCoy, and Kari Velen. Wadsworth/Thomson, 1997.