Professor of Health Promotion
Director of the WSU Stress Relief Center
Dept. of Health PHysical Education & Recreation
Weber State University
Ogden, UT 84408-2801


I was born and grew up in Provo, Utah. I spent most of those early years involved in nearly every sport you can imagine. I love all sports. When I am not teaching or working on my professor stuff or doing things with my wife (Shan) and kids, you will find me on a ball court or field, on my bike, running, or enjoying watching some sporting event. I also enjoy spending time on the computer, playing the piano, or reading. I have lived in California, Illinois, and West Virginia, and I have traveled to most parts of the country, but nothing is better than being in Utah enjoying the great people and beautiful places here. 

Teaching Philosophy  
I feel that a teacher of health & wellness should be very interested in those things that promote health and those things that cause someone to no longer experience being well. Health (wellness) is an experiential process not an end. We learn how to be healthy so we can effectively do everything else we want to do, at the level we choose. For this reason I love to teach in this exciting field of health promotion. By living and teaching the principles of health and wellness, we maintain our ability to do all the other things we love to do.

Professional Focus
In this exciting field of health promotion, my main areas of emphasis include stress management, high level wellness, the mind/body/spirit connections and the ways our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors relate to our state of health and well-being. 

I am interested in the instruction of health & wellness toward  health & wellness coaching/consulting and in the settings of the university, school and worksite.

Recent and current WSU Teaching Assignments
Stress Management
Mind/Body Wellness
Computer Applications in Health Promotion
Methods in Health Promotion
Health Promotion Research and Assessment
Wellness Coaching

Fun Things I'm Working On
WSU Stress Relief Center

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Stress Management/Wellness Website and Consulting

Benefits of Aerobic Conditioning

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Ph.D. Health Education. Southern Illinois University
M.S. Health Promotion. BYU
B.S. Psychology. BYU

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