Internship Journal/Portfolio

The following outline may help you to write your journal, but essentially I want you to feel comfortable with your own style of journal writing.

  1. Write an account of the daily events that occur. (This descriptive component of your journal should be kept to a minimum.)
  2. Outline actions for your next contact based upon what you feel you learned during the site work. If problems or needs surfaced during your hours be sure to include a plan/outline of action(s) to deal with this the next time. In this way you can use your log as an "agenda setting" and personal growth tool.
  3. Summarize any readings you have been assigned in support of your work.

You might reflect upon any of the following:

  1. Are you clear about the goals of your site and do you agree that these goals are worthy?
  2. If you were in charge of the site, would you change anything?
  3. What is the most difficult/satisfying part of your work experience? What does it take to be successful at the kind of work you do?

You might include the following documentation for your portfolio:

  1. Photographs of your work
  2. Duplicate copies of your work
  3. Letter from site supervisor