Curriculum Vita

Eric G. Swedin

Weber State University


          B.S. in Computer Science, minor in History, Weber State College, 1988.

          M.S. in History, Utah State University, 1991.

                     Thesis: "The Swett Homestead: An Oral History 1909-1970"

                     Major Professor: F. Ross Peterson


Ph.D in History, Program in the History of Science and Technology, Case Western Reserve University, 1996.


Fields of study: History of Science, History of Medicine, Recent American History (1933-present), Psychology and Religion


Dissertation: "'You are healing souls': A History of Psychotherapy Within the Modern Latter-day Saint Community"

                     Major Professor: David Van Tassel

Publications (Books):


With David L. Ferro. The Computer: A Brief History of the Machine That Changed the World. ABC-CLIO, 2022.


Seeking Valhalla: A Science Fiction Novel. Borgo Press, an imprint of Wildside Press, 2013.


Fragments of Me: A Science Fiction Novel. Borgo Press, an imprint of Wildside Press, 2012.


Bingham Canyon Doctor: The Life and Legacy of Paul S. Richards. University of Utah School of Medicine, 2012.


Anasazi Exile: A Science Fiction Novel. Borgo Press, an imprint of Wildside Press, 2012.


Editor. Survive the Bomb: The Radioactive Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Survival. Zenith Books, 2011.


With David L. Ferro, editors. Science Fiction and Computing: Essays on Interlinked Domains. McFarland, 2011.


When Angels Wept: A What-If History of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Potomac Books, 2010.

                     Won the 2010 Sidewise Award for Best Alternate History.


With David L. Ferro. Computers: The Life Story of a Technology. Greenwood Press, 2005. Reissued as a paperback by The Johns Hopkins University Press in 2007.


Science in the Contemporary World: An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO, 2005.


The Killing of Greybird: A Novel. Cedar Fort, 2004.


Healing Souls: Psychotherapy in the Latter-day Saint Community. University of Illinois Press, 2003.

Publications (Articles/Chapters): 


“Homosexuality and Therapeutic Culture in Mormonism,” in Amy Hoyt and Taylor Petry, editors, The Routledge Handbook of Mormonism and Gender (Routledge, 2020), 187-204.


“Knowing Me.” Joe Monson and Jaleta Clegg, editors, Trace the Stars (Hemelein Publications/LTUE Press, 2019). Science fiction short story.


“Columbus Was Wrong: Extract from a Work in Progress on American History.” Weber: The Contemporary West 33:2 (Spring/Summer 2017): 67-74.


“Utah's Spaceport: A Failed Dream.” Utah Historical Quarterly 84:3 (Summer 2016), 254-261.


With David L. Ferro. “Murray Leinster and ‘A Logic Named Joe’.” Literary Criticism (Gale, 2015). Reprint of chapter in David L. Ferro and Eric G. Swedin, editors, Science Fiction and Computing: Essays on Interlinked Domains (McFarland, 2011).


With David L. Ferro. “Connections: Networking Computers Together,” in Tessa Joseph-Nicholas, editor, Introduction to Digital Culture: Living and Thinking in an Information Age (Cognella, 2013). Reprint of chapter in Eric G. Swedin and David L. Ferro, Computers: The Life Story of a Technology (Greenwood Press, 2005).


“Safety Lessons: The 1938 Burgon’s Crossing School Bus and Train Accident.” Utah Historical Quarterly 81:2 (Spring 2013), 159-168.


“The Ultimate What-If of the Cuban Missile Crisis: What If There Had Been a Nuclear War?” History News Network, November 12, 2012.


One entry in Spencer C. Tucker, editor, Encyclopedia of the Mexican-American War: A Social, Political, and Military History. ABC-CLIO, 2012. The entry: Mormon Battalion.


“Information as a New Paradigm.” World History Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO, 2011. Also contributed thirteen other entries based on my earlier book, Science in the Contemporary World: An Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO, 2005).


With David Ferro. “Rebooting ‘A Logic Named Joe’: Exploring the Multiple Influences of a Strangely Predictive Mid-1940s Short Story.” In Gary Westfahl, Wong Kin Yuen, and Amy Kit-Sze Chan, editors, Science Fiction and the Prediction of the Future: Essays on Foresight and Fallacy (McFarland, 2011).


"Why OS/2 Failed: Business Mistakes Compounded by Memory Prices.” Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics 10 (2009), 28-37.


With David Ferro. “Computer Fiction: ‘A Logic Named Joe:’ Towards Investigating the Importance of Science Fiction in the Historical Development of Computing.” Chapter in History of Nordic Computing 2 (Springer, 2009), 84-94.


With G. Edward Harris, Matthew Harris, and Zhoulin Yu. “The Successful Development and Implementation of a Graduate Certificate in an Undergraduate Program.” Journal of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters 25 (2009), 107-125.


"Thiokol in Utah." Utah Historical Quarterly 75:1 (Winter 2007), 64-78.


Three entries in Thaddeus Russell, editor, Encyclopedia of the Home Front: World Wars I and II. ABC-CLIO, 2007. The entries: United Nations; Albert Einstein; and George C. Marshall.


“Designing Babies: A Eugenics Race with China?” The Futurist 40:3 (May-June 2006), 18-21.


Four entries in Aron Hsiao, project editor, United States at War: Understanding Conflict and Society Project ( ABC-CLIO, 2005. The entries: Edward Teller, Test Ban Treaty, US Space Program, and Ferdinand von Zeppelin.


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"The Open Source Movement." Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop newsletter. June, 2004.


"The History of Computer Hacking Reveals Benevolent Origins." Standard-Examiner, May 31, 2004, page 11A.


"Cyberwar." Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop newsletter. April, 2004.


"Hacking 101." Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop newsletter. February, 2004.


"Sin and Evil: A Commentary on The Paradoxical Nature of Sin." AMCAP Journal 27 (Fall 2002): 76-77.


"Bingham Canyon Physician: Paul Snelgrove Richards, 1892-1958." Utah Historical Quarterly 69:1 (Winter 2001): 60-68.


"Psychotherapy in the LDS Community." AMCAP Journal 25:1 (Fall 2000): 27-39.


Six entries in Stanley Sandler, editor, World War II in the Pacific: An Encyclopedia (Military History of the United States). Garland Publishing, 2000. The entries: Dutch East Indies; Gandhi; Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere; Historiography of the Pacific War; Imphal and Kohima; India; and the Indian National Army.


"History of Technology Web Sites." Dennis Trinkle, editor, History Highway 2000. M. E. Sharpe, 2000. Republished with a co-author in History Highway 3.0. Armonk, New York: M. E. Sharpe, 2002.


"Mariner Space Program." The Sixties in America. Salem Press, 1999.


"Paul Snelgrove Richards, Physician, 1892-1958." American National Biography, ed. John A. Garraty and Mark C. Carnes, 18: 443-444. Oxford University Press, 1999.


"We're Witnessing Our Own 20th-century Renaissance." Ogden Standard-Examiner, May 12, 1999, page 11A.


"Integrating the Modern Psychologies and Religion: Allen E. Bergin and the Latter-day Saint Example." Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 35:2 (Spring, 1999): 157-176.


"'One Flesh:' A Historical Overview of Latter-day Saint Sexuality and Psychology." Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 31:4 (Winter 1998), 1-29. Won the 1998 Dialogue History and Biography Award.


"Perry Prevails: The Battle of Lake Erie." Military History (web edition), April, 1997.


"The Swett Homestead: 1909-1970." Utah Historical Quarterly 62:2 (Spring 1994): 132-148.


United States National Forest Service brochure for the Swett Family Ranch, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah. 1990.

Academic Appointments:


Tenured Professor, History, Weber State University, 2014-present.


Tenured Associate Professor, History, Weber State University, 2011-2014.


Tenured Associate Professor, Faculty In Residence, Integrated Studies, Weber State University, 2011 (3 months).


Tenured Associate Professor. Information Systems and Technologies, Weber State University. 2007-2011.


Interim Chair. Information Systems and Technologies, Weber State University. 2005-2006.


Assistant Professor. Information Systems and Technologies, Weber State University. 2003-2007.


Instructor (full-time). Computer Science Department, Weber State University. 2001-2003.


Adjunct Faculty. History Department, Weber State University. 1997-2011.


Graduate Assistant with Mellon Fellowship. Case Western Reserve University. 1991-1996.


Graduate Assistant. Mountain West Center for Regional Studies, Utah State University. 1989-90.


Computer Center Director and Adjunct Faculty. Southern Arkansas Community College. 1988-1989.


Adjunct Faculty. Computer Science Department, Weber State University. 1987-1988, 1989-1991, 1992-1993.


Computer Science Lab Supervisor and Campus Computer Coordinator. Weber State University. 1987-1988.

Presentations/Conferences (Not a complete list):

          Panelist, "Writing for Combat," FanX, September 16-18, 2021.


Presenter, "Thrive 125: Crossing Frontiers and Fronteras in STEM: 125 Years of Utah Advancement," sponsored by the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts, Utah Humanities Book Festival, and Utah Humanities, part of a series of programs events celebrating Utah's 125th anniversary as a state. My topic was an online twenty-minute presentation on the history of technology and science in Utah. February 25, 2021.


Panelist, A Coronavirus Debriefing: Evaluating Responses to COVID-19; Lovecraftian Horror; Guerrillas in the Midst: Fighting Urban Wars; Movies from Herbert to Heinlein (and More); and The Evolution of Science Fiction at Life, the Universe, and Everything (held virtually), February 11-13, 2021.


Panelist, Lost Technology: Why Can't We Do That Anymore?; Wheeling and Dealing with Secret Bits: Coming to Terms with Cryptocurrencies; The Cold War and Science Fiction; Chronicling the Passing of Days: The History of Calendar Systems; Predicting the Future, Badly; and The Works of Neil Gaiman, at Life, the Universe, and Everything, February 13-15, 2020.


Panelist, American Apocalypse: Is the End Near?; and Science or Fiction Quiz Show, FanX, September 5-7, 2019.


Panelist, Kaffeeklatsch with Alternate History Lovers; The Apollo Program; What Alternate Histories Do You Want to See?; and Communications Throughout History, at NASfic/Westercon, July 4-7, 2019.


Panelist, Dilution of a Brand: How Star Wars is Losing its Audience; Near Future: How to Create a World without Becoming Outdated; Hard SF vs Soft SciFi; and Levels of Tech: How to Choose Which to Use and How Much to Describe. Taught classes on How Does Science Work?; How To Be a Hacker?; and Writing Alternate History, at Fyrecon, June 4-6, 2019.


Panelist, Evolution of Science Fiction, Joining the Rebellion!; The Specter of Capitalism; The Cuban Missile Crisis; and The Art of War, at Life, the Universe, and Everything, February 14-16, 2019.


Panelist, “Revisiting Marshall McLuhan in the Age of Emojis;” and “Voice Assistants and Chatbots,” at LingoFest, Weber State University, February 2, 2019.


“The Cuban Missile Crisis,” History Alliance, Weber State University, November 7, 2018.


“How Fiction and Nonfiction Benefit Each Other,” Davis Writing Conference, October 27, 2018.


Panelist, “New Approaches to Utah Studies: Lightning Round,” Annual Utah History Conference, September 28, 2018.


Why Science Works,” organized and moderated panel for FanX in Salt Lake City, September 8, 2018.


Seven panels/classes, FyreCon, Weber State University, June 21-23, 2018.


“Why Science Fiction Matters,” WSU PREP Career Awareness, June 12, 2018.


Panelist, LingoFest, Weber State University, January 26, 2018.


Panelist, “Understanding 20th-Century Utah: James Allen’s Still the Right Place: Utah’s Second Half-Century of Statehood, 1945-1995,” Utah State History Conference, October 11, 2017.


Three panels, Salt Lake ComicCon, September 21-23, 2017.


“Keeping History Straight While Writing Fiction or Non-fiction,” Wasatch Writers, July 10, 2017.


“Cryptology and the Future of Computers,” FyreCon, June 20, 2017.


“Worldbuilding,” WSU PREP Career Awareness, June 8, 2017.


Seven panels, Life, the Universe, and Everything, February 16-18, 2017.


WSU Continuing Education, “Writing Fiction,” June-July, 2016.


Digital Humanities Seminar, “Science Fiction and Computing,” with David Ferro, April 14, 2016.


Twelve panels, Life, the Universe, and Everything, February 11-13, 2016.


Digital Humanities Seminar, “Science Fiction and Computing,” with David Ferro, April 14, 2016.


WSU Continuing Education, “Writing Fiction,” June-July, 2016.


WSU Continuing Education, “Writing Fiction,” September-October, 2015.


Three classes, Computer Hacking for Writers, Writing Historical Fiction, and Doing Research, League of Utah Writers, Logan, UT, August 28-29, 2015.


Two panels, “Medieval Science and Engineering” and “The Past is Another World: Historical Fiction for SF Fans,” World Science Fiction Convention, Spokane, WA, August 19-23, 2015.


“Hacking for Writers,” Storymakers Conference, May 16, 2015.


Special Guest, Life, the Universe, and Everything, February 12-14, 2015.


“Utah's Spaceport: A Failed Dream,” Utah State History Conference, September 26, 2014.


Panelist, “What If...? Armageddon 1962,” Newseum, Washington, D.C., October 14, 2013. Sponsored by NBC News and the Military Channel.


Panel chair, “Japanese and Asian-American Literature and Demography: Pas and Present,” The Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, Weber State University, September 28, 2013.


Moderator and Commentator, “Economic Issues in American History,” Phi Alpha Theta Utah Regional Conference, Utah State University, March 23, 2013.


Consultant and interviewee, interactive documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis, October 2012. Available at <>.


“Paul S. Richards and the History of Occupational Medicine in Utah,” Utah State History Conference, September 21, 2012.


Panelist, “Academic Panel on Cyber Workforce,” Utah Cyber Challenge, Salt Lake City, June 1, 2012.


“Paul S. Richards (1892-1958), Utah Pioneer in Occupational Medicine,“ Keynote speaker, NORA (National Occupational Research Agenda) Conference, Salt Lake City, April 19, 2012.


“Transhumanist Immortality is a Bad Idea,” Mormon Transhumanist Conference, Salt Lake City, April 6, 2012.


“Cuban Missile Crisis,” Weber Historical Society, Weber State University, March 19, 2012.


With David Ferro. “Speculative Fiction as a Component for STEM Recruitment,” International Network for Engineering Studies, Prometheans Special Interest Group, Society for the History of Technology annual meeting, Cleveland, Ohio, November 2, 2011.


Co-panelist (with David Ferro). “Times Talk - ‘Science, Fiction, and Facts and Public Policies,’” Weber State University, October 20, 2010.


With Andy Drake, Ed Harris, and Seakwoo Song, “Network Virtualization and Security: Current Status and Future Challenges,” Mountain Plains Management Conference, October 7, 2010.


Panel participant, “Examining the Interaction of Speculative Literature and Computing: Toward a Research Agenda,” Society for the History of Technology annual meeting, Tacoma, Washington, October 3, 2010.


With Andy Drake and Ed Harris, “The Pedagogical Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Virtual Machines When Teaching Networking and Information Security,” Mountain Plains Management Conference, Grand Junction, Colorado, October 8, 2009.


“Dr. Paul S. Richards and Safety in Utah,” Workers Compensation Fund annual board meeting, St. George, Utah, September 29, 2009.


”Murray Leinster and ‘A Logic Named Joe’,” Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium at Brigham Young University, February 20, 2009.


“Presentation on the History of Science,” Life, the Universe, and Everything at Brigham Young University, February 20, 2009.


“How to Define Science Fiction,” Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium at Brigham Young University, February 15, 2008.


Panel Organizer and Moderator, "Democracy and the Digital Divide," Ninth Annual Diversity Conference at Weber State University, October 4, 2007.


"History Research." Bountiful Chapter, League of Utah Writers. May 15, 2007.


Panelist, WSU IT Open Town Meeting, "Security vs. Accessibility," November 29, 2006.


"The Portrayal of Hacking in Film and Television”, LACon, Los Angeles, August 16, 2006.


Globalization and Information Technology Seminar to Bangalore, India, June-July 2005.


"Writing a Historical Novel." First Annual Faculty Forum, Weber State University, February 24, 2005.


"The Future of Open Source." Dalian University of Technology, China. April 30, 2004.


"Healing Souls: Psychology and Mormonism." Weber Historical Society, Weber State University. March 22, 1999.


"History of the Swett Family Ranch." Inauguration of the Swett Family Ranch, Greendale, Utah. May 29, 1991.


“Swett Family Ranch,” Utah State University, 1991.