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Exp 12 Chromatography

Exp 14 Friedel-Craft Acylation

Exp 16 Grignard Synthesis of Benzoic Acid

Exp 17 Synthesis of Luminol
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Chemistry 2320 - Organic II Chemistry

Welcome to the webpage for Organic II Chemistry. The first link in the left column will take you to the canvas website, where you can check your scores and communicate with the class.

The handouts link will lead you to a page where I have posted many of the handoutss that I distribute in class.

I have also made available numerous practice quizzes and exams that will help you become familiar with my style of assessment.  I highly recommend that you work all available practice quizzes and exams.

Experiment 12 and 14 are two of the more complicated and time consuming labs.  To help prepare you to use your time efficiently and effectively I have constructed video tutorials on how the labs are completed.  Take a few minutes to watch the tutorials before coming to lab.

Below are copies of the syllabus and tentative schedule of what will be discussed each day of the semester.


Fall 2017 lecture syllabus

Fall 2017 lecture schedule and problem sets

Fall 2017 Chem 2325 lab syllabus  


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