Chris Hoagstrom










Longnose sucker (Catostomus catostomus) from Tetlin NWR



My research emphasis is freshwater fish ecology and conservation.  Prior to moving to Weber State University, I was a fishery technician/biologist with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as a member of the New Mexico Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office (1993-2002).  I later completed doctoral research in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at South Dakota State University (2003-2006). 

I also have a Bachelor of Science degree (biology) from Ohio Northern University (1992) and Master of Science degree (biology) from Sul Ross State University (1994).

Research at Weber State University so far (2006 to present) has included working with existing data my colleagues and I collected in New Mexico and South Dakota, field projects in northeastern Utah (2007) and interior Alaska (2007-2008), Ogden Nature Center (2009), Wasatch Front streams (2009-2015), Pecos River restoration at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge (2012-2013), Lea Lake Overflow Wetlands (2013-2015).  Click here for a list of publications.  Do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding past, present, or future research opportunities or products!