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Albert Zuckerman                                                                                                       June 16, 2008
Writers House
21 W. 26th St.
New York, NY 10010

Dear Mr. Zuckerman,

As your agency specializes in family sagas, please consider my just finished 100,000-word novel, Great South Bay. It offers a unique look at the life of historical Judge Thomas Jones of Fort Neck (now Massapequa), New York. Jonesís 18th Century world in New York City and on Long Island parallels that of the beautiful Flora Oldfield, innkeeper of the nearby Great South Bay Inn, and Massapeag Indian Dawn Flower, whose tribe inhabits the marshes on Jonesís land at Fort Neck.

This taleís interweaving chapters track Jonesís rise to Supreme Court judge, whose Loyalist views imperil him and his wife in pre-War of Independence New York. Jonesís wealth makes him the target of British troops and local rebels. He survives kidnapping but Congress exiles him after the war. Flora reverses her bankrupt innís fortunes and later marries a member of the Sons of Liberty, who arranges Jonesís kidnapping. Dawn Flower sees life unravel as her people lose their land, and her husband flees into exile, narrowly escaping from sheriffs. Her people leave Long Island after Jonesís kidnapping, but rather than join her returned husband, Dawn Flower remains behind with her lover, whose child she is carrying.

Great South Bay will appeal to readers drawn to family sagas of an earlier era, especially that of the Revolutionary War. The novel not only offers solid history woven into this slice-of-life tale, but no fiction exists that treats Jonesís intriguing story in an interesting and accurate way, or dramatizes Native American life on the south shore of New York.

I grew up in Massapequa, New York, the storyís locale, and used my familiarity with Long Island, Manhattan, and the Great South Bay to write this tale of ambition, war, loss, and enduring love. I teach fiction writing at Weber State University, and have one published short story, "Flight." An excerpt of my novel is forthcoming in Weber: The Contemporary West.

Enclosed is a SASE. Thank you for your time, and if you are interested, I would be delighted to send you part of Great South Bay.



Victoria Ramirez