Delta Dynamic

Music 3824


Music Repertoire Project


The fundamental theme of the selection was to include a variety of uplifting music from various cultures and styles to promote a healthy, positive perspective on life and the world.


Title/Composer or Genre/Length


1.  I'm Alive  Celine Dion  3:30


Celine Dion wrote this music after the birth of her first baby boy.  The lyrics emphasize her feelings in relation to this new phase of her life.  This piece of music has an excellent upbeat for dance and various body movements.  I would love to incorporate the use of sign language into the movement because the lyrics have a wonderful uplifting message applicable to any group from young to old.  Embodying sign language will help the students and the audience to see another perspective into the song's message.


2.  Cantare´ Cantara´s           Hammond and Caldero´n  3:53


I am positive I will have Spanish-speaking students in any class I teach.  Therefore, this piece of music will be a wonderful piece to help my ESL students to learn English because the lyrics are in Spanish, then English.  Because the melody is easy to follow and the lyrics are easy to learn, it is also an excellent piece to introduce young students from grades K-3 to another culture.  As part of an expanding activity I would integrate this music into the study of the Latin American culture in History or Social Studies; perhaps even teaching all of my students a few Spanish words from the text or lyrics.


3.  Appalachian Spring:  Variations on "Simple Gifts"   Aaron Copland  3:08


This piece of music is a wonderful uplifting piece of music composed by Aaron Copland, a modern-day musician and composer.  I would use this piece right after my students come back after recess to calm them down and transition into writing.  Then, I would have questions for them to answer regarding the music to help them use their critical thinking skills and analyze the work.  Then, I would ask them to write a short essay about what the music makes them think about and how it makes them feel. 


4.  Purple Bamboo Melody              Traditional Chinese  3:08


This traditional Chinese music incorporates typical timbres of the Asian Region and it's majestic culture.  Studying the history of China and the surrounding regions would be great subjects to teach after listening to the music.  Asking the students what kinds of instruments are being used and what the music means to the people of this particular culture would be an excellent way to help students find value in and appreciate another way of life.


5.  The Entertainer                   Scott Joplin  3:43


This particular piece of music reflects the time and culture of Scott Joplin.  It is a wonderful uplifting piece of music reflecting his amazing abilities.  I would love to use pictures and put them on an overhead and ask my students what kinds of pictures fit in with this music.  It would be interesting to hear what they think the music represents and the time period it fits into. 


6.  Abdy     Galbi                          (Popular music from Morocco)  4:18


This music is from Morocco and Egypt where Galbi is said to be the "Puff Daddy" of that particular region.  His music intrigues the listener to ask such questions as:  What is the culture like over there?  And what do the lyrics mean?  I would love to incorporate this music into a history, geography, or social studies lesson.


7.  All Work Together           Woody and Arlo Guthrie  3:21


Woody Guthrie is an authentic folk musician, who created many works of art through music.  The lyrics in this piece of music by the Guthries are a wonderful way to help kids work together.  I would love to use the spandex cloth we used in class and have the kids stand in a circle and do hand movements with the cloth in relation to the tempo, dynamics, and lyrics.  Another idea is to have the kids come up with hand and body movements in small groups and then put all of the groups together to perform. 


8.  Ancient Lullaby                                  Ikarus  4:18


This piece of music comes from India.  It is relatively common in the culture to use very dynamic music.  My brother recently returned from India with this piece of music just for my repertoire project.  Ancient Lullaby represents a culture far from ours yet not so distant.  It is an excellent piece of music to explore the value of learning to appreciate other cultures.  Next, I would ask my students:  Why do you think this piece of music is a called a lullaby?  And what is a lullaby?


9.  Fishing the Sky                                 Kurt Bestor  4:24


This wonderful piece of music can help students expound upon his/her creative and imaginative abilities.  Kurt Bestor has composed a variety of musical works that allow the mind to expand and imagine beyond the present. While listening to the music children could write words of things they think of while listening to the music.  After listening to the music we would share what the words are and make a poem about the music expressing it's imaginative and creative value.


10.This Land is Your Land               Woody and Arlo Guthrie  2:31


This is a very patriotic song that I remember listening to and singing in elementary school in Illinois.  Once again, Woody Guthrie, a folk musician ties together the past and the present in his rendition of "This Land is Your Land".  The lyrics represent an astounding feeling of patriotism and the music is easy to follow.  I would love to teach the children this music and have them sing it in an assembly, musical, or play.  I would also incorporate hand movements for the students to perform and costumes that reflect the musical genre.




Appropriate for age and interests of learners:


I have chosen a variety of music for a range of ages.  I feel that most of the music I selected would work well for grades K-6 in the elementary school and even beyond.  On the average, the music I have chosen is approximately three minutes long,the appropriate length for children. 


Include a variety of genres:


The genres I have selected include  lullabies, children's songs, work songs, and patriotic songs.  I chose to include various genres to help the students learn about different cultures and to help them keep their attention on the subject (to encourage learning,not boredom).


Reflect all musical styles:


The music reflects many musical styles including: 

folk, art, and contemporary.  Many of the composers in my music repertoire selection come from a mixture of backgrounds, cultures, and time periods.


Music of value:


Finding music of value was the most important part of my project.  I wanted to find music that was a source of happiness and uplifting majesty for the listener.  Not only did I want to incorporate beautiful music, but I also wanted to find music that would encourage the listener to keep on listening and focusing on the music.  Therefore, depending on the age of my students I may shorten the piece to promote this aspect of knowledge and learning.


     In conclusion, I enjoyed listening to music from cultures other than mine and learned to appreciate many forms.  For example, I am more open to a wider variety of musical genres than previously stated in other assignments.  I also feel a strong desire to teach the appreciation of other cultures and I feel I can do that with the help of the music I have selected for my music repertoire project.