Collecting and Evaluating Music Education Resources

Assignment and Rationale: As a course requirement, students enrolled in 4842 are to select a music education topic of inquiry, research this topic, and write a paper about this topic. By completing this assignment, the student will develop an understanding of useful resources that are available to music educators as well as developing their own understanding of their selected field of inquiry.


Directions: Use IIMP, ERIC, PsychINFO or other databases to find recent articles written about your selected topic. Collect information from other sources. Consider interviewing other teachers, administrators, travel agents, music dealers, or other individuals involved with music education. Evaluate your resources. Turn in a list of your resources and demonstrate that you understand the different kinds of resources. Complete the following evaluation and turn it in on or before the date in the syllabus.

Name of researcher: __________________________Topic: __________________________

Evaluation Criteria for “Collecting and Evaluating Music Education Resources”

  1. Topic: The researcher has provided his or her topic of inquiry.
  2. Resources: The researcher has provided a list of at least five resources for his or her topic of inquiry.
  3. Format: The researcher has provided the list according to APA guidelines.
  4. Evaluation of resources: The researcher demonstrates his or her understanding of the kinds of resources by identifying which references are refereed research journals, refereed professional journals, editor reviewed professional journals, compilations of research, etc.
  5. Quality of resources: If available for his or her topic, the researcher has included refereed research journals.

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Examples of Collecting and Evaluating Music Education Resources

Excelsia Graciosa

Janice Julliard

Jessica Simpson

Alistair MacLean