FL 3320 • Spring 2013 8:30 - 9:20 MWF • WB 111




Dr. Mathews
Professor of Spanish
Email: tmathews@weber.edu, Phone: 626-6345
Office: EH 420, Office Hours: 10:30-11:30 daily or by appointment
Dr. Michael Wutz
Professor of English
Email: mwutz@weber.edu, Phone: 626-6616
Office: EH 455, Office Hours: 11:00-12:00 MWF, or by appointment
Prof.  Daines
Professor of German
Email: edaines@weber.edu, Phone: 626-6780
Office EH 422

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • The equivalent of FL 2020 in a European language is required for the European Studies minor.
  • Students who wish to recieve foreign language credit for a major or minor in French, German or Spanish via this course (FL 3320) must have completed at least FL2020 in that language and should deomonstrate oral and written proficiency at the Intermediate Low level or better.
  • Students who wish to recieve foreign language credit must complete their major written assignments, and do the research for them,in the foreign language and must choose to write about topics related to the European language or culture in question.

Course Structure

  This is an inter-disciplinary course and is taught by three instructors. The course consists of three modules, each taught by a different instructor. Each module includes reading assignments and a short paper due at the end of the module. In addition, students will engage in a final project consisting of an oral presentation and a final paper; during the last week of the course students will report on the research for their final paper.
Short Papers
These assignments will be due as indicated in the Calendar below. Students are required to apply their individual language expertise to these assignments.
Final Project
All students need to write a research paper, at least eight pages plus a bibliography, which needs to combine several concepts from the coursework and should be relevant to the students' major or minor. This topic for the final project must be cleared with Prof. Daines no later than April 1.

Grading and Evaluation



• Preparation 10%
• Short papers (one for each module) 60%
• Final project (oral presentation and paper) 30%

All course work and final grades will be assigned follwing this scale:

A 93-100 C 73-76
A- 90-92 C- 70-72
B+ 87-89 D+ 67-69
B 83-86 D 63-66
B- 80-82 D- 60-62
C+ 77-79 E 0-59
  A rubric of criteria for written work can be seen here.
A rubric for oral work can be seen here.


Consistent, punctual attendance and enthusiastic participation are necessary to succeed and receive good grades in this class.

Academic Honesty
It is expected that students will submit their own work. A complete description of cheating and plagiarism can be found in the WSU Student Code (Section IV, Part D, Paragraph 2). Plagiarism will result in failure on an assignment or in the course, depending on its severity. On the other hand, students are encouraged to collaborate on assignments and to have others read their work and give comments and suggestions before turning work in.

Students with Disabilities
When students seek accommodation in a regularly scheduled course, they have the responsibility to make such requests at the Center for Students with Disabilities (tel. 626-6413) before the beginning of the semester in which the accommodation is being requested. When a student fails to make such arrangements, interim accommodations can be made by the instructor, pending the determination of the request for a permanent accommodation.

Emergency Closure
If for any reason the university is forced to close for an extended period of time, we will conduct our class via e-mail and through Weber online. Look for announcements on your Weber State email account and at canvas.weber.edu.

Core Beliefs
Students are to determine, before the last day to drop courses without penalty, if any course requirements conflict with their core beliefs. If there is such a conflict, the student should consider dropping the class. A student who finds this solution impracticable may request a resolution from the instructor. This policy does not oblige the instructor to grant the request, except in those cases when a denial would be arbitrary and capricious or illegal. This request must be made to the instructor in writing and the student must deliver a copy of the request to the office of the department head. The student's request must articulate the burden the requirement would place on the student's beliefs.

Any disclosure by a student, orally or in writing, whether related to class assignments or not, that communicates the possibility of imminent danger to the student or others will be shared with appropriate authorities.


Jan. 7 - Feb. 8 Module I
Langauge and Sociolinguistics
Module I paper due. Feb. 11
Feb. 11 - Mar. 15 Module II
From Fourier to Futurism(s): A Walking Tour Through the Streets of Modernist Paris
Module II paper due Mar. 18
Mar. 18 - Apr. 22 Module III
Common Cultural Identities of Europe
Module III paper due Apr. 8
    Final project paper due Apr. 24 by 8:40 AM