The Department of Foreign Languages requires a final portfolio from all graduating majors (in Spanish, French, and German) during the last semester of their senior year. If you are a major, or are even considering becoming a foreign language major, please save (in electronic form, if possible) at least one example of your best work from this class and all other language classes you take towards fulfillment of your major.
    All majors will register for FL 4990 during their senior year. This course is completed on-line and consists of creating your Senior Portfolio; you will be asked take a short oral exam and also upload several examples of your work. The entire process shouldn't take more than a few of hours, assuming you've kept examples of your coursework.
The following is taken from the WSU Catalog:
Foreign Language Majors 

During their senior year, all foreign language majors will complete FL 4990 in order to help the department assess how well it has met its goals. Students are encouraged to keep copies of their best work from each course taken in the major. These examples will be used in FL 4990. 

ForLng 4990. Senior Assessment (0.5) 
Required of all majors during their senior year.  Students will assemble a portfolio with a representation of their work in the foreign language. Speaking skills will also be evaluated. Must be completed before graduation clearance.