Name:________Sample Observation ________ ChFam 2500 - T. Day

Observation # __2___ Topic: ____Preschool________________ Time: _9:00-10:30_

Observation location: ___Weber State Children's School___ Total: ___1.5 hours___:

ClassroomTeacher signature: ___Observed children through booth__________

1. During circle time, the children learned about their phone numbers. They used pretend phones to talk about how to answer. When the teacher asked who could tell her their number for memory, a child yelled out. The teacher explained the importance of taking turns. When a child couldn't remember his number the teacher helped the child along. 1. This was an appropriate activity. When the kids needed help the teacher offered it. This is a form of scaffolding. The teacher is helping the child move to the next level by urging them to succeed in learning their phone numbers. The teachers placed importance on control of the room.
2. Girls and boys were playing at the housekeeping area. A girl got mad at a boy for taking the play-doe, and hit him. The boy left and she said "He didn't say please, so leave me alone." She stuck her tongue out at him. Another girl told the teacher. The teacher told her that she would have to choose another area if she couldn't talk nice and share. The teacher checked up on her later and complimented her. 2. The kids were showing signs of egocentric behavior. The girl was focused on herself and what she wanted. When the boy didn't follow, she got upset. The teacher handled the situation well by explaining why the girl's behavior was wrong and how to fix it. She gave the girl alternatives. After the situation, the teacher praised the girl for improving her behavior and sharing... Positive reinforcement.
3. The children were playing on the climber unit and jumping onto a mat. They were supposed to jump on the X mark, but some were jumping past it. They almost hit their heads, so the teacher explained why they needed to jump on the mark. 3. The teacher was aware of the danger in the classroom and took necessary steps to avoid any injury to the children. She explained the danger to the children and made it clear what the expectation was. She was firm but supportive of the children's behavior.

Summary: The Children's School was a safe and good environment for the preschoolers. Their physical and cognitive development was being stressed. The children learned from their mistakes, because the teachers explained the behavior and discussed alternatives. The children were respectful to the teachers and listened very well. Teachers were also respectful to the children.
The room was full of interesting activities that kept children involved. Teachers had selected activities and materials based on the development and interests of the children (DAP).