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Information for Spring 2016 Courses

Botany 2104, Plant Form and Function:  The Botany 2104 Syllabus and Course Schedule will be available online.  You can go to the Botany 2104 Home Page to access these items and additional materials or to WSU Online/Canvas. Required textbook:  Biology of Plants, 8th ed, by Evert and Eichhorn.  Laboratory exercises:  download from the course site on WSU Online/Canvas.  Two texts are recommended.  One of them, Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences by V. E. McMillan, is required for Botany 2121.  The other, A Photographic Atlas for the Botany Laboratory by Van de Graff et al., is recommended for both this course and Botany 2114.  The texts are available at the WSU Bookstore. 

Botany 3204, Plant Physiology:  The syllabus for Botany 3204 and links to support materials and the lab manual will be available at the Botany 3204 website on WSU Online/Canvas.  There is a required textbook:  aiz and Zeiger. Plant Physiology and Developoment, 6th ed, 2015. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA. Recommended text that you should have already:  Biology of Plants (Botany 2104/2114).

General Information

Botany Student Handbook:  information on Botany major and minor/BIS requirements, courses, student and professional organizations, advisement, careers in Botany, the Botany student portfolio, and the Botany Thesis.

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updated:  8 January 2016