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The annual Botany Department field trip to Antelope Island State Park is scheduled for April 18, 2008.



General Information About the Great Salt Lake (Dr. Bozniak)

History and Geology of Antelope Island  (Dr. Clark)

History of Land Use, Vegetation, and Wildlife  (Dr. Clark)

Life in the Great Salt Lake  (Dr. Bozniak)

Wetlands  (Dr. Bozniak)

Fire Ecology  (Dr. Wachocki)

Noxious and Invasive Weeds  (Dr. Gatherum)

Plant-Fungi Relationships (Dr. Deckert)

Halophytes (Dr. Harley)

All of the field trip guides are available in a single PDF file.  A separate PDF file of  the review questions, formatted for answering on the trip, is also available.  You will need an Acrobat Reader in order to access these two files. 

Field Trip Guide (PDF)                              Review Questions (PDF)

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For further information about Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake, check the links page.

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13 April 2008