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The course information found at this web site is relevant only to Dr. Harley's sections of Botany LS1203.

Follow the links to access materials for this course:

Botany 1203 Syllabus

Details for Written Assignments

Information for Exam 1

Information for Exam 2

Information for Exam 3

You can also download the following as PDF files.  You will need an Acrobat Reader (free) in order to read and print these files. 

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Guides to videos from The Private Life of PlantsPutting Down Roots, The Birds and the Bees, Branching Out, Plant Politics

The annual Botany Department field trip to Antelope Island is scheduled for April 15, 2011.  .  Information about the trip is available at the Antelope Island Field Trip Home Page

Botany majors and minors/BIS should check the Botany Student Handbook for information on courses, requirements, the thesis in Botany, and the Botany student portfolio.

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