Course Name: Tudor and Stuart England 
Course Prefix: HIST
Course Number: 4335
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Current Date:  9/2/2010
College: Social & Behavioral Sciences
Department:   History                              
From Term: Fall  2011 



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Subject:  HIST            

Course Number: 4335

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Course Title: Tudor and Stuart England

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A survey of English history during the Tudor and Stuart periods (1485-1714). Emphasis will be placed on the social, cultural, political, religious and economic development of England during this period.

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The Tudor and Stuart period in England is one of the most important phases in the development of England. The student will gain a better understanding of the changes in government that established the modern parliamentary system, the changes to religion that created Anglicanism, the ideas of the scientific revolution, and the great literary tradition of this period.

This course has been taught as a special topics course, and has had a student enrollment on par with other upper-division history courses.


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Previously, there were two courses that covered English history. The first course was from the beginning to 1714. This course did not allow enough time to explore the complex themes during the Tudor and Stuart periods. That first course has already been shortened, so that it now covers the beginning to 1485, and now this course will fill in the gap.

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Course Objectives

       The aim of this course is to help the student better understand the development of England during the Tudor and Stuart period.  The course will cover social, cultural, political, religious, and economic issues, and how they inter-relate and created the British world.  It is also designed to foster thinking and analytical skills.  It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the student to come prepared to learn.  Learning is not a one-sided process.


Early Modern England: 1485-1714, Bucholz

Utopia, More

Voices of Morebath, Duffy

Bewitching of Anne Gunter, Sharpe

Wallington's World, Seaver

Consolidator, Defoe


Exams and Quizzes

        There will be three midterm exams worth 50 points each.  They will consist of short answer and essay.  There will also be a final worth 50 points.  The exams will be based on the reading from the texts and the lectures.  You will not successfully pass this course if you neglect either the readings or the lectures.  There will also be a map quiz worth 25 points.  All tests and quizzes, except the final, will be in the Social Science Testing Center, and they give out the last test one hour before closing.  The testing center is a "No Cell Phone Zone."  If the student uses a cell phone while testing, the test will be taken away and the professor will be notified of the infraction.  The student will NOT be allowed to make-up the test.  No bathroom breaks will be allowed during testing.  If the student leaves the room while testing, the test will be taken away.



      You will write a five page paper for each of the books assigned.  It must be typed double-spaced in 12 point font with a one inch margin.  It must also be grammatically correct and in essay form.  The papers also need to be footnoted in Chicago Style form. 



           94-100%        A                      

           90-93%          A-

           87-89%          B+                    

           84-86%          B

           80-83%          B-

           77-79%          C+

           74-76%          C

           70-73%          C-

           67-69%          D+

           64-66%          D

           60-63%          D-

           0-59%            E

    In class participation may improve the student's grade.


        Attendance is not graded but since class participation affects your grade it is recommended that you come to class every time.  Please try not to come late nor leave early as this disrupts the class.

Turn off all electronic devices during class.  Laptops are fine, but if I catch you doing something not related to class you will lose points.  The same applies to texting.


        Cheating will not be tolerated, and if caught cheating the student will fail that assignment automatically and may fail the course.  Plagiarism on the written assignments will also result in the above-mentioned policy.  Cite your sources!!  If you have questions about plagiarism please ask the professor. 



 Any student requiring accommodations or services due to a disability must contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) in Room 181 of the Student Service Center.  SSD can also arrange to provide materials (including this syllabus) in alternative formats if necessary.  


1st Week   Aug 25-29                            Introduction, Wars of the Roses, Henry VII

2nd Week  Sept 1-5                                Henry VII to the Beginning of Henry VIII                               

3rd Week  Sept 8-12                              The Reign of Henry VIII

******More Paper due Sept 10


4th Week  Sept 15-19                             The English Reformation                     

****First Midterm Sept 19-23

5th Week  Sept 22-26                               Bloody Mary,  Edward VI

6th Week  Sept 29-Oct 3                         First half of Elizabeth's Reign      

*****Duffy Paper due Oct 1   

7th Week  Oct 6-10                                 Second half of Elizabeth's Reign                  

8th Week  Oct 13-17                               England's Golden Age

*****Second Midterm Oct 15-21  

*****Fall Break Oct 17                     

9th Week  Oct 20-24                               James I

*****Sharpe Paper due Oct 22

10th Week Oct 27-31                                Charles I and Religion

11th Week  Nov 3-7                               The English Civil War

12th Week  Nov 10-14                            Cromwell's England

*****Seaver Paper due Nov 12

****Third Midterm  Nov 14-18                                                              

13th Week  Nov 17-21                            The Restoration

14th Week  Nov 24-28                           Glorious Revolution, William and Mary

*****Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 27-28                 

15th Week  Dec 1-5                               The Dawn of Great Britain

*****Defoe Paper due Dec 3                           


Final Exam IN CLASS,