Chiapas, Mexico

Dr. Stephen L. Clark,
Professor of Botany

Plant Taxonomist and Ethnobotanist

“Kenan Fellow”
Director of the Herbarium
Director, Institute of American Indian Botany

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Courses taught: Vascular Plant Taxonomy, Ethnobotany, Plant Geography, Survey of the Plant Kingdom, Intermountain Flora, Ethnobotany of the Great Basin, Herbal Medicines.

Academic Interests
: Ethnobotany of all indigenous people, Vascular Flora of the Western U.S., Taxonomy of Penstemon, The Nature of the “Species”, trying to understand how nature works, helping students expand their vision of the world.                                     

Other interests
:  Travel with my wife Nancy, making music, writing poetry, recording “cool images” on film, camping with my family, “un-winding” with my dog named “Buddha”.

Speaking with the Spirits of
The Rainforest, Belize




Kalahari Desert, Botswana

Ripples in a pond
Dragonflies and Water Lilies
Ripples in a pond

My Teacher the Sea Lion. Galapagos Islands


Nancy in Northern Australia


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