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Rong Rong  荣蓉                

Assistant Professor of Economics
John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics 
Weber State University
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Teaching philosophy:                                                  See my learning curve!                 ========>

Read my full teaching statement here.

Courses taught:

# of Sessions
Econ 2010
Principle of Microeconomics
Fall 2015 (1) (2), Spring 2015 (1) (2), Fall 2014 (1) (2), Spring 2014 (1) (2)Fall 2013 (1) (2)
Econ 4970
Introduction to Research Method
Spring 2015, Fall 2014
Econ 4980
Research Method / Thesis
Spring 2015
Econ 4560
Mathematical Economics
Spring 2014
Econ 1010
Principles of Economics
Summer 2015 (taught at Shanghai Normal University, no evaluation provided)
Econ 103
Principle Microeconomics
Summer 2011 (taught at George Mason University)
Selected student comments:

    "I enjoyed the activities we did in class, and liked all the examples she used for us to understand better. I know economics can be hard to teach, but she made it look so simple. Because of her, I have a better understand on how the world depends on economics and the importance it has on our every day life. I do want to mention how I like that she made us understand the application of the topics, rather than the theory. She's an excellent professor and I'm glad I took this class from her."
    "Very fun assignments that really make you think about the subject in real world terms."
    "I really appreciated how helpful she was with answering questions. She responded quickly to all my emails. I can tell that she loves what she does."
    "Loved all the extra things that you brought to the table. The app games to try our hands at game theory. Auctioning items to solidify course concepts. The combination of PP[t] slides, use of the white boards, experiments, lectures, sapling, the extra videos. All of this created an amazing experience and made learning fun and enjoyable. Thank you and I hope you keep it up!" 

Undergraduate thesis I mentored:
(poster or full text linked with consent)

Future teaching interests (with tentative class design):

   Intermediate Microeconomics,
   Game Theory,
   Experimental Economics,
   Behavioral Economics,
   Social Network Theory,
   Cluster Analysis,
   Industrial Organization,
   Labor Economics
    Environmental Economics,
   Network Analysis

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