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Rong Rong  荣蓉                

Assistant Professor of Economics
John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics 
Weber State University
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  I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Weber State University. I specialize in experimental economics and applied microeconomic theory. My research mainly focuses on the economic applications of social networks and communication. Some recent studies of mine also branch toward interpersonal time preference and intra-household decision making.

    I earned a Bachalor of Science degree in economics from Shanghai Jiaotong University, during which I worked as a research assistant in the Smith Experimental Economics Research Center (SEERC), the first laboratory for experimental economics in China founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. Vernon Smith. I received my PhD training at Interdisciplinary Center for Economics Science at George Mason University.

    I have a passion in teaching economics. I design flipped class with many classroom experiments, aiming to create a lively and prolonged memory of the economic concepts at play. My students are required to learn significant content on their own using textbooks and online videos. I am also experienced at mentoring undergraduate research projects. What a delight to guide the way of a discovery for the curious-minded!

    In additional to my scholarship, I live a peaceful rural life. I enjoy exploring nature's beauty through hiking, trail running, paddle boarding and skiing.

Research Fields:

Teaching Fields:
Applied Social Network Theory,
Experimental Statistics and Methods,  
Applied Microeconomic Theory,
Behavioral Economics
Principles of Microeconomics, Introduction to Economics,
Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics 
Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics,
Social Network Economics


Growing Stars: A Laboratory Analysis of Network Formation, with Daniel Houser, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming

Deception in Networks: A Laboratory Study, with Daniel Houser, Journal of Public Economic Theory, forthcoming

Exploring Network Behavior Using Cluster Analysis, with Daniel Houser, New Perspectives on Internationalization and Competitiveness, Springer, 2015

China Bashing: Does Trade Drive the 'Bad' News about China in the U.S.?, with Carlos Ramirez, Review of International Economics, Vol. 20, Issue 2, pp. 350-363, 2012,

Completed Paper:

Money or Friends: Social Identity and Deception in Networks, with Daniel Houser and Yifan Dai, Revise and Resubmit, European Economic Review

Convex Time Budgets and Individual Discount Rates in the Long Run, with Douglass Shaw, Therese Grijalva and Jayson Lusk, under review, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Working Paper:

Promoting the “Right” Stars: Network Formation with Heterogeneous Agents and Imperfect Information, with Daniel Houser, working paper

I’ll Be There: A Natural Field Experiment on Keeping and Breaking Promises, with Jared Barton, working paper

Shouts and Whispers: a Laboratory Analysis of Public Vs Private Communication in Networks, with Yifan Dai, working paper

Research in Progress:

Interpersonal Time Discounting, with Therese Grijalva, Douglass Shaw and Jayson Lusk

Introhousehold Time Discounting, with Therese Grijalva and Matt Gnagey

Designing Tontine for Biodiversity, with Gregory Parkhurst

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