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Paul L. Schvaneveldt, Ph.D., CFLE 

 Brady Presidential Distinguished Professor and Chair

 Child &Family Studies      

Contact Information

205 McKay Education Building

Ogden, UT 84408-1301


My name is Paul Schvaneveldt (pronounced Swan-a-velt).  I have been a faculty member in the Department of Child and Family Studies for 14 years.  It is a great place to work and I love what I do. 

Growing up, I lived in many places including Minnesota, North Carolina, and Utah.  I really enjoyed the beaches in North Carolina and love Utah’s mountains.   I enjoy spending time with my family and doing activities together.  My entire family lived in Ecuador a few years ago while I was a Fulbright Scholar there.  My children had the experience (and adventure) of living in a developing country and experiencing a new culture.  While in Ecuador, we had the opportunity to volunteer in orphanages taking care of children. It was a great experience and we loved working with these children.

I really enjoy working in the Department of Child and Family Studies.  The faculty and staff are great people to work with.  I think our biggest strength is that we genuinely care about our students and their success.  I have an open door policy and would welcome students to visit at any time. 

Teaching Activities     

  • Latino Child and Family Development 4300

  • Comparative Child and Adolescent Development 4500

  • Diverse Families 3350

  • Family Relations 2400

  • Marriage as an Interpersonal Process 1400


Ph.D. Human Development and Family Studies, University of North Carolina Greensboro (1999).

Current Projects

Recent Projects

  • Fulbright Scholar, Ecuador (2009-2010)
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Healthy Marriage Project funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families (2007-2012)

Research Interests

  • Latin American Families
  • Parent-Child Relationships
  • Cross-Cultural Research

Publications (selected)

Schvaneveldt, P.L. (2014).  Parenting in Ecuador: Behaviors that promote social competence. In H. Selin (Ed.), Parenting across cultures: Childrearing, motherhood and fatherhood in Non-Western cultures (pp. 323-334).  New York: Springer.

Schvaneveldt, P.L. (2014).  Family policy initiatives in Ecuador: A call for explicit family policies.  In M. Robilia (Ed.), Handbook of family policies across the globe (pp. 445-458).  New York: Springer.

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Schvaneveldt, P.L., & Behnke, A. (2012).  Family life education with Latino immigrant families.  In S. Ballard & A. Taylor (Eds.), Family Life Education in Diverse Populations.  Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

Schvaneveldt, P.L., Kerpelman, J.L., Pasley, B.K., & Acock, A.C. (2011). The influence of parental behaviors during early adolescence on post-secondary education attainment as mediated by academic achievement, peers, and substance use.  Family Science Review, 16, (2), 27-43.

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Ingoldsby, B.R., Horlacher, G.T., Schvaneveldt, P.L., & Mathews, M.A. (2005).  Emotional expressiveness and marital adjustment in Ecuador.  Marriage and Family Review, 38(1), 25-44.

Schvaneveldt, P.L. (2003).  Using a talk show format to teach controversial topics. The Journal of Teaching in Marriage and Family: Innovations in Family Science Education 3(4), 485-493.

Ingoldsby, B., Schvaneveldt, P.L., Supple, A.J., & Bush, K.R. (2003).  The relationship between parenting behaviors and adolescent achievement and self-efficacy in Chile and Ecuador.  Marriage and Family Review, 35, 139-160.

Schvaneveldt, P.L., & Ingoldsby, B. (2003).  An exchange theory perspective on couple formation preferences and practices in Ecuador.  Marriage and Family Review, 34, 219-238.

Ingoldsby, B., Schvaneveldt, P.L., & Uribe, C. (2003).  Perceptions of acceptable mate attributes in Ecuador.  Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 34, 171-185.

Schvaneveldt, P.L. (2003).  Mate selection preferences and practices in Ecuador and Latin America. In R. Hamon & B. Ingoldsby (Eds.), Mate Selection Across Cultures (pp. 43-60).  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Current Research Projects

Schvaneveldt, P.L. & Cordero, L.  The impact of parental behaviors on family dynamics of Ecuadorian parents on child social competence: A comparison of public and private school populations.

Schvaneveldt, P.L. & Cordero, L.  Marital satisfaction among Ecuadorian couples as related to expression of love related behaviors.

Schvaneveldt, P.L.   Identity and the development of the self: A longitudinal analysis of service learning experiences of volunteers in the orphanage setting in Latin America. 

Schvaneveldt, P.L.  At-risk behaviors among adolescents in Ecuador: The impact of family process and peer affiliations. 

Schvaneveldt, P.L.   Adolescent development in Bolivia: Parenting behaviors that promote social competence.

Professional Affiliations

  • National Council on Family Relations

  • Family Science Association

  • National Head Start Association

  • Fulbright Association

  • Utah Council on Family Relations

  • Council for Undergraduate Research

Service Activities

  • Editorial Board Member, Marriage and Family Review

  • Editorial Board Member, Family Science Review

  • Past-Chair, (Utah Marriage Commission)


  • Brady Presidential Distinguished Professor 2016

  • WSU Exemplary Collaboration Award 2015.  WSU Family Literacy Program  and Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Project.

  • Outstanding Mentor Award, Moyes College of Education, Office of Undergraduate Research, Weber State University, 2014

  • Crystal Crest Master Teacher Award Finalist 2012 & 2013