Sheep Brain Dissection



1- Note the difference in size and complexity between human and sheep brain



2- Observe the surface of the brain: notice the fissures, sulcus, convolutions. Notice the remnant of the arachnoid on the surface of the brain.


3- Try to peel off some pia mater of the surface of the cortex.














Try to recognize each landmark.


Superior view:
















         A - sagittal fissure

         B - central sulcus

         C - frontal lobe

         D - parietal lobe

         E - occipital lobe

         F - temporal lobe

         G - cerebellum

         H - vermis

         I - medulla














Lateral view:





















         A - medulla

         B - cerebellum

         C - occipital lobe

         D - temporal lobe

         E - parietal lobe

         F - frontal lobe

         G - olfactory bulb & tract

         H - optic nerve

         I - optic chiasma

         J - optic tract















Inferior view:















         A - optic chiasma

         B - olfactory bulb

         C - optic nerve (CN II)

         D - trochlear nerve (CN IV)

         E - trigeminal nerve (CN V)

         F - abducens nerve (CN VI)

         G - facial nerve (CN VII)







Sheep brain
1. cerebrum
2. lateral ventricles 
3. third ventricle 
4. cerebral aquaduct 
5. fourth ventricle 
6. pons 
7. cerebellum 
8. arbor vitae 
9. medulla oblongata
10. genu of corpus callosum 
11. body of corpus callosum 
12. splenium of corpus callosum 
13. fornix 
14. massa intermedia 
15 & 21. optic chiasma 
16. hypophysis
17. infundibulum
18. mammillary body
19. superior colliculus
20. olfactory bulbs 
21 & 15. optic chiasma 
23. longitudinal cerebral fissure
24. cerebral cortex 
25. central white matter 
26. choroid plexus

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Sheep brain, sagittal section

Sheep brain, lateral view

Sheep brain, cross section through posterior cerebrum


Sheep Brain, dorsal view

Sheep brain, ventral view

Sheep brain
1. cerebrum
2. cerebellum 
3. medulla oblongata
4. longitudinal cerebral fissure
5. pons
6. infundibulum
7. mammillary body
8. spinal cord
9. optic chiasma
10. olfactory bulb

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Cranial nerves 


olfactory n. 
optic n. 
oculomotor n. 
trochlear n. 
trigeminal n. 
abducens n. 
facial n. 
vestibulocochlear n. 
glossopharyngeal n. 
vagus n. 
accessory n. 
hypoglossal n.