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Ogden, Utah
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Michele D. Zwolinski

Contact Information

OFFICE: Science Lab Building 305M (this is a "half"-floor, if you find the Microbiology Labs on the third floor, go up one more flight of stairs to the door labeled Microbiology Offices)

FALL OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays 2:00 pm; Wednesdays 12:00 pm. and by appointment


My Research Interests
I study the role of microorganisms in extreme environments including the Great Salt Lake.  My recent projects involve collecting microorganisms from the lake to study in the laboratory.  We are also sequencing the 16S rRNA gene to help in identifying the organisms for a better understanding of the lake's diversity and ecology. 

Several students have presented our work at regional meetings. 


Course materials are now on WebCT.  Follow the links below to see the course syllabi.

Geomicrobiology - 3 credits, lecture and lab

Microbial Ecology - 4 credits, lecture and lab

Elementary Public Health - 3 credits, lecture, general education

Introduction to Microbiology - 3 credits, lecture, general education

Directed Readings - 1 or 2 credits - An opportunity to explore a microbiological topic that interests you and write a review.

Directed Research - 1 or 2 credits - Participate in a laboratory-based research experience and learn advanced microbiological techniques.  Some students present their work at scientific meetings.  Students interested in doing a research project are encouraged to apply for funding through the Office of Undergraduate Research.

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