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Deep Relaxation Exercises


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This new DVD contains the following quick, simple and powerful relaxation exercises:

DVD Contents Running Time
  1. Powernap 14:48
  2. Flowing Comfort 18:51
  3. Guided Imagery - Mountain Lake 14:11
  4. Restful Breathing 12:13
  5. Guided Imagery - Inner Wisdom 19:04
  6. Autogenics 18:04
  7. Guided Imagery - Floating Through Colors 14:40
  8. Progressive Relaxation 16:20

 Read to what students have to say about the relaxation exercises

You can now enjoy proven effective exercises to relax that take no more than 20 minutes each. This DVD will allow you to unwind, relax, calm down, and reenergize. All you do is stick the DVD in any DVD player, sit or lie down, and follow the directions. Enjoy!

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