Health 3200 – Methods in Health Education – 3 Credit Hours
Summer 2011

Instructor: Michael Olpin, PhD, CHES
Swenson Gym Office #125G
Phone: 626-6485

Prerequisite: Health 3000 Foundations of Health Promotion

Class Schedule:  
MWF 8:30-10:20 Stromberg PE/Health 62

Required Text 
Active Learning: 101 Strategies to Teach Any Subject: by Mel Silberman 

Secondary References:
Health Education Methods Books are available on loan from the instructor. In addition, the instructor maintains files on most methods used in health education. Curriculum guides for several topics are also available. These can be checked out from the instructor. The primary place for resources for this class is strategic places on the internet. We will explore the best ways to find this support material.

Also Required:
Students will need to be able to access the online webspace ( for this class. Several things we do in the class will
involve working in there. If you need help, contact the friendly technical help people at 626-7777.

Course Description
Students will obtain the necessary skills to plan and implement a variety of health promotion lessons & methods in the school, clinical, hospital, or worksite settings along with health & wellness coaching. Emphasis will be on facilitating prepared units/lessons to respective target populations such as individuals, students, employees, patients, or community members.

The course will enable the student to select methods and develop a lesson plan in order to effectively communicate an educational session with specific learning/behavioral objectives. Students will be capable of creating and implementing an individualized change program through a process of risk analysis, individualizing a behavior change program, and counseling the client/student/patient toward success.

For the various projects, students will identify both a setting (school, clinic, government or community health setting, worksite, etc.) and a target population in order to meet the following learning objectives:

 Objectives: At the completion of this course, each student will have the opportunity to:

  • Construct, demonstrate, and disseminate an innovative teaching method in the form of a Method-Presentation.

  • Develop 2 comprehensive Content-Presentations incorporating a minimum of three (3) separate teaching modalities. The presentations must include clearly identified learning objectives, comprehensive content materials, opportunity for processing the material, brief summary for closure, and evaluation items.

  • Explore the basic skills used in Health and Wellness Coaching.

  • Develop a Unit Plan. Proper scope and sequence must be followed. Duplications of unit plans from 3050 are not acceptable. Sample Unit Plans are available inside the class webspace. The Unit Plan will also contain an appropriately marked section for all method and content handouts that are distributed during the semester. Detailed instructions for creating your Unit Plan will be given throughout the semester.

  • Review and rate one Health Related Audio-Visual production using an appropriate evaluation sheet.

  • Complete regular Peer Evaluation Instruments to assess peer performance (for the Method and Content Presentations). Peer evaluations, worth 5 points each, will be graded based on constructive ratings and comments. Evaluations that do not include comments (both positive and constructive) will be downgraded.

  • Complete a Bulletin Board. (Must be on a real bulletin board. Poster Board is not acceptable.)

  • Demonstrate the correct usage of an audio-visual aid, e.g., movie projector, VCR, Elmo, overhead projector and the use of a PC to develop overheads.

  • Locate and develop appropriate health education methods and materials for use in planning and implementing programs & classes from appropriate sources. So documentation of a review of literature is required in both the method and content presentation).

Course Requirements:            
The course is highly participatory and experiential. Class projects will determine most of the grade. Participation is a large part of the course and points will be awarded accordingly.

Participation Policy:           
Students will receive points for participating in class. For each content/method presentation, 5 assessment points will be awarded. If you miss a day when a presentation is happening, you'll miss out on those points. Excused absences (official WSU business, major life event, etc.) must be petitioned for a week in advance of the missed day(s). Failure to petition for points will result in no points for that session.

Semester Schedule – Found Here:
Schedule of Daily Activities

The point values for the different assignments are listed below. Where the due date is provided, the assignment must be turned in on the due date, not before or after. Late assignments will NOT BE ACCEPTED unless the instructor has been notified in advance of the due date that extenuating circumstances exist. 


Points Possible

Lesson Plan


Evaluation of one educational media


Method Presentation


Method Presentation Self-Evaluation


Content Presentation


Content Presentation Self-Evaluation


Stages of Change/Motivational Interviewing


Unit Plan


Peer Evaluations of Method/Content Presentations

5 Each

Bulletin Board


Grading:  Grades are based on a percentage of the total possible points earned in the class.
The following total number of points is associated with the final grades.

93% and above A 

73% C 

90% A- 

70% C- 

87% B+ 

67% D+ 

83% B 

63% D 

80% B- 

60% D- 

77% C+ 

Less than 60% E 

Your grades scores and ongoing grade for this course are found in the webspace designated for this class. This is accessible by following the instructions at the top of this syllabus.

Class Ground Rules

Beginning and Dismissing Class
Given the nature of the class, attendance is important. Classes will begin ON TIME. Unless you have Justifying circumstances, please make your best effort to be in class when it is time to begin. Attendance/Participation points will be deducted whenever you come in late. Also, we will dismiss class when the class activities are finished for the day. Please refrain from "packing up" before we are officially through. It is very rude to hurry up the finish time of the class. If you absolutely must leave during class, please leave in a way that does not disrupt the flow of the class.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices
Please turn off, and leave in your bags, any cell phone or other electronic device while in the classroom.

Food in the Classroom
If you must bring food into the classroom, be sure you bring enough food to share with everyone (including the instructor).

Classroom Chatter
If you need to carry on an extended conversation with someone else in the room on an unrelated topic, please be courteous and leave the room to do so.

Academic Misconduct
Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Evidence of not doing your own work will result in an automatic zero for that assignment on the first infraction. Evidence of not doing your own work a second time will result in an automatic failing grade for the class. This includes plagiarism. If you use someone else’s work, be sure to give them credit for it. This rule applies for all class assignments.