Optimum Health and Wellness

Alice The Health Education and Wellness program of Columbia University Health Service.

Consciousness/Parapsychology/Transpersonal Psychology This is a very interesting page by a professor at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His emphases and the links on this page are devoted to Consciousness, Altered States of Consciousness, Parapsychology, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Cooper Wellness Scientifically based health research and information

Health World Online Provides 10 categories of health and wellness topics for consumers and professionals including nutrition, mind-body connection, and a medical library.

The Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School Resource page to the Mind/Body Clinic. Extensive Information.

National Wellness Institute This is the homepage for the National Wellness Institute including the many departments and conferences associated with it.

The Share Guide This page is a magazine focusing on holistic health, personal growth and environmental awareness. Their goal is to make information available for people actively working to improve themselves and the planet.

Wellness Web Don Ardell's outstanding resource page on all things to do with high level wellness.

Wellness Junction Where the health information and wellness needs of consumers and professionals meet

Wellspring Wellness Newsletter This newsletter contains interesting weekly news articles that relate to our well-being.

Wellness Proposals / Infinite Wellness Solutions - Wellness library where you'll find more than 5,000 health/wellness/safety related handouts, posters, tool kits, guides, free newsletters and much more.

If you find that any of these links are not working properly, or know of good links that ought to be here, feel free to drop me a message so I can maintain accuracy here, thanks, Michael

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