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1SafetySource Your complete online safety product and information resource center. Offering one of the most popular and extensive safety search engines on the Internet, 34 health, safety and environmental industry news feeds, email safety groups reaching over 25,000 pro's and our comprehensive safety and first aid product catalog.

Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory A huge directory of web sites for all sorts of environmental subjects including those relating to safety.

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute This is a small, active, non-profit consumer-funded program acting as a clearinghouse and a technical resource for bicycle helmet information. Includes information on statistics, publications, laws, and advice on bicycle helmet safety as well as other helmet and bicycle type links.

Consumer Product Safety Commission The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is an independent federal regulatory agency that was created in 1972 by Congress in the Consumer Product Safety Act. This page is a gopher server that contains lots of information and links regarding consumer product safety.

The Injury Prevention Web a service of the Center for Childhood Injury Prevention and the State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors' Association. Excellent resource.

MotoSport - Ride Your Bike Safely Riding a bike is a physical activity that has many favorable benefits, two of them being that it is enjoyable and also great exercise. As people ride their bikes, they often get whisked away by the fun of it and so donít even regard the activity as exercise, though it actually provides effective aerobic exercise that increases the pulse rate and so helps in burning fat. However, riding a bike can also prove to be a health risk if the activity is done carelessly and without the proper safety gear, or even without the proper precautions. In order to get the maximum benefit of enjoyment and exercise that bike riding provides, it is also fundamental to be safe while doing so.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences NIEHS mission is to reduce the burden of human illness and dysfunction from environmental causes by understanding each of these elements and how they interrelate. The NIEHS achieves its mission through multidisciplinary biomedical research programs, prevention and intervention efforts, and communication strategies that encompass training, education, technology transfer, and community outreach.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) NIOSH is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related illness and injuries.

National Safety Council National Safety Council's mission is to educate and influence society to adopt safety, health and environmental policies, practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic losses arising from preventable causes.

Product Safety Link Directory This site has extensive information and links to many aspects of product safety.

Public Health and Safety Yahoo references to public health and safety issues include, disasters, EMF health issues, fire protection, flouridation, helmets, institutions, law enforcement, lead poisoning, lifesaving/lifeguarding, magazines, organizations, safety products and much more.

Safe Sound Family the best family safety websites and blogs exists as a starting point for those searching for safety information on the internet. is a unique human-edited directory of sites that relate to occupational health and safety, and nothing else. The site editors are professionals experienced in safety & health and industrial hygiene. This way, you can be sure that the you are presented with accurate, relevant information in a clear and organized way. 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency This site contains a wealth of information about the agency and environmental issues as well as links to many other environmental and safety resources.

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