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AMSO Managed Care Forum The purpose of the AMSO web page is to provide a forum for the healthcare professional and consumers of healthcare to learn and expound about the ever-changing managed healthcare industry.

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service You can use this listing to search for clinical trials, find out information about physicians and medical centers performing clinical research, and to learn about drug therapies newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Convergent Medical Systems This site has information relating to: healthcare consultants, strategic management, managed care, health policy planning, health insurance, medical education, medical regulation, health promotion, wellness programs, allied health professions, alternative and complementary medicine, and world medicine.

Davita Providing dialysis services and support to help people with chronic kidney disease lead productive, fulfilling lives with dignity.

GlobalMedic Empowering Healthcare Users Through Education and Prevention. This interesting site include a Medical Encyclopedia, nutrition information, and health information for women and children.

LIFE: Life and Health Insurance Information Site An excellent educational site designed to provide you with straightforward, unbiased information on life and health insurance.

Masters in Nursing  one of the largest actively maintained resources that lists every accredited school offering a Masters Degree in Nursing.

Medscape Medscape pools information from clinical journals, medical news providers, medical education programs, and material created expressly for Medscape. The result is a medical Web site rich in content, broad in appeal, and high in quality.

Opus Communication's HealthWave A Healthcare Resource Provider. This page contains interesting resources on many things related to health care.

Yahoo internet Search "Health Care" This is a full internet search of all things related to health care using the search engine "Yahoo."

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