Heart Health

American Heart Association This site provides information on hundreds of topics relating to cardiovascular health and disease, including cardiorespiratory endurance exercise.

Can Heart Disease Really Be Prevented? By Peter M. Abel M.D. Medical Director, Prevention Center for Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Institute of the South/Morgan City. Excellent information and sites to many other resources on heart disease.

Cardiovascular Institute of the South CIS, a leading center for the advanced diagnosis and treatment of heart and circulatory disease, presents a wide-ranging library of doctor column-style reports on this vital and rapidly evolving aspect of medicine.These reports cover the full spectrum of prevention, diagnosis, nonsurgical and surgical treatment of circulatory problems.

Franklin Science Institute This site provides learning opportunities about how the heart functions in an interactive lab simulation. This is a very interesting website on the heart.

Healthy Heart Excellent information on a wide range subjects pertaining to a healthy heart including educational and enrichment activities.

Late breaking news for heart health this sites is dedicated to natural health, alternative medicine, and the latest available news related to the improvement of overall health of men and women over 35.

Linus C. Pauling This is an interesting webpage on reversing heart disease without surgury (extensive info-site). It follows much of the theories and ideas espoused by the late Linus Pauling

The Learning Center Heart Disease and your health - what you should know. This page provides information and explanations of common cardiovascular diseases specifically for the non-medical audience.

Vegetarian Diets This page contains a position paper by the American Dietetic Association. It states the Association's summary of the healthful nature of a vegetarian diet.

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