Health Care Delivery Systems

NSG 2080 - Unit 13


 Organization of Health Care Delivery Systems

 Define :


            Organizational Structure and Function


            Official power

            Acceptance power

            Relationships Within Organizations


 Organization Charts

            Defined by job description

            Identifies to whom various individual within the organization report.

            Boxes with solid lines represent communication relationships between individuals or          departments

            Vertical lines:

            Horizontal lines:

            Dotted lines:




 Channels of Communication

 CHAIN OF COMMAND - organizational Hierarchy




 Span of Control


 What is a middle managerís span of control at LRH?


 What is the difference between broad and narrow span of control in nursing?


 Organization Culture and Climate:



 Cultural climate:


 Positive and Negative Cultures

            What types of organizational culture would be demoralizing to employees?

            What types would encourage a sense of togetherness and purpose?


 A Positive Manager



 Nursing Job Descriptions

Written statements that describe the duties and functions of the various jobs within the   organization.



Policies and Procedures

            Policy: Designated plan or course of action for a specific situation.


            Procedure: Spells out how a particular nursing activity is to be completed.


            Standard of Care: Authoritative statements that describe a common or acceptable level of             client care or performance:

                        Defines professional practice

                        Measured by outcomes


 Nursing Care Models:  Groups to Define These

            Case Method

            Functional Method

            Team Nursing

            Total Patient Care

            Primary Care

            Partnership Models

            Case Management


 Informal Organization

 Arise within the formal organization to meet the needs of the people within an organization.

            Meets social needs because person viewed more as an individual


            Accomplishing Goals


            Provides for additional communication

            Preserving Values

            Informal Leaders


Possible Test Questions

 Which of the following best defines an organization?

 A.   A legal entity

 B.   A business group

 C.   A functional group

 D.  A formally structured group


 You accept a position in a long-term care facility.  During orientation, you learn that one nurse will do all the treatments, another will pass all the medications, and the nursing assistants give all baths.  You recognize this form of nursing care delivery as:

 A.  The case method

 B.  Team nursing

 C.  Primary nursing

 D.  The functional method