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Art/Music Curriculum Maps

Curriculum map criteria:

  1. Completeness. Address each of the small paragraphs in the rainbow grid for your grade level. You may wish to summarize two or three of the small paragraphs on the grid in one entry on your curriculum map, but be sure all the content is addressed in one way or another.
  2. Flow. If some degree of mastery of one concept or skill is necessary for success with a subsequent concept or skill, be sure they are taught in the appropriate order.
  3. Flow. It is not always necessary to completely master one concept or skill before moving on to the next. Some may be mastered more effectively when they are worked on in conjunction with other concepts/skills.
  4. Pacing. Allow sufficient time and practice for students to work with each concept or skill. Some take more time to develop than others. Some may require continued practice all year.
  5. Alignment. For each concept/skill indicate appropriate learning activities. You may indicate specific resources, as well. Assessments may be either incorporated into the activities or be listed separately. Make this curriculum map a storehouse of wonderful teaching ideas.

Links to PDF files of some exemplary curriculum maps based on the USOE rainbow grids are listed below. The file name indicates the art form(s) included, the grade, and the author(s).

Enjoy the variety of ways ideas are presented in the sample maps below. Each map has its own strengths. Your map does not need to look like any of these, but be sure to address the criteria listed above. You will want to prepare your own map according to your priorities. Some questions you will want to consider as you prepare your own curriculum map are:

Music Grade 1 Remy

Music & Art Kindergarten Commins & Palm
Music & Art Grade 4 Stanford

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