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Capella University

 Health Administration  
 Health Services
 Higher Education
95%  $450/credit hour
(~ 72 hrs)
Programs begin  each month.


Must have Master's from accredited university with 3.0 GPA. No entrance exams required.
Accredited program
Walden University PhD...
 Health Services
 Applied Management
95% $305/credit hour
(~ 72 hrs)
Programs begin each month.


The Ph.D. in Health Services offers a variety of emphasis areas including Community Health, Health Administration, Health and Human Behavior, and Health Promotion and Education.
Accredited program
University of Phoenix EdD (Education)
 Doctor of Health Admin
 Doctor of Management
95% $620/credit hour
(~ 62 hrs)
Ongoing 2.5 GPA required
University of Northern Colorado Bachelors to PhD...
Masters to PhD...
 Nursing Education
95% with classroom options $275/credit hour (Masters to PhD ~ 65 hrs) Feb 1 for Fall GRE and 3.0 GPA required.
University of Arizona Tucson Bachelors to PhD...
Masters to PhD...Nursing
95% $390/hr
(Masters to PhD ~ 64 hrs)
Jan 14 for Fall
Undergrad 3.0 GPA required, Grad 3.5 required
University of Utah PhD...
 Health Education
No Nurs = $255/hr
(9 hr blocks)
HEd = $165/hr
(~ 60-65 hrs)
Apr 1 for Fall
Nov 1 for Spring
Mar 15 for Summer GRE and 3.0 GPA required
Utah State PhD...
        Not yet reliable.
90% $241.50/hr up to 6 hours. Then it is much more expensive (up to $721.15)
(~65 hrs)
June 1 for Fall 3.5 GPA in earned Master's program
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) PhD...
 Health Sciences
95% $352/hr Mar 1 for Fall GRE, Masters degree, personal interview
Nova Southeastern University Doctor of Health Sciences
EdD Health Education
95% $400/hr
(~60 hrs)
Must be accepted at least 21 days prior to start of semester (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) Masters below 3.0 must submit GRE scores.

Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Please email Ken Johnson,, with any other programs you know of.