Kent O. Kidman

Professor,    Department of Mathematics                                         

Weber State University

B.A.  Mathematics   Weber State College 1978

M.A., Ph.D.  Mathematics   University of California at Santa Barbara   1980, 1983

Research interests:    Linear Algebra, Matrix Theory, Geometric Algebras


(801) 626-7206


Courses Autumn 2016:    Math 1210 Calculus I  CRN 23574  MTWF 8:30-9:20  TY 363

Math 2270 Elementary Linear Algebra  CRN 23591  MWF 9:30-10:20  TY 448

Math 1200 Mathematics Computer Laboratory  CRN 23573  M 10:30-11:20 TY 127 (first day only, rest online/email)

                                        Office hours TY 381K  M 11:30-12:20, T 9:30-11:20, WF 10:30-11:20; or by appointment


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