Dr. Jennifer M. Turley

Chair, Department of Health Promotion and Human Performance

Professor of Nutrition

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I am originally from Fairbanks, Alaska. I absolutely love living in Utah for its milder climate yet spectacular mountainous beauty. My husband (John) and I love our 2 children and enjoy outdoor recreation, fitness, and eating healthy. We enjoy spending time with our son, Jonathan and daughter Jasmine. We have been known to play original Christian music locally. John sings and plays the guitar while I play the saxophone (alto and soprano) and clarinet.


Teaching Philosophy

I love teaching nutrition. I strongly believe that the way you eat impacts your health both now and in the future. I try to create a teaching atmosphere that empowers students to learn the science of nutrition and integrate it into their daily lives to achieve overall wellbeing.  The methods that I use to achieve this include:

  • To have clear learning objectives and direction for each class session and for the entire course.
  • To prepare myself fully to transfer current, accurate and relevant information to my students.
  • To hold students accountable for their learning but to provide the means for them to succeed in the class.
  • To be enthusiastic and creative in my teaching style. This involves using a combination of teaching techniques to capture the various interests and intellectual abilities of my students. Some of the teaching techniques that I use are: group activities, active learning lessons, lectures, discussions, demonstrations, models, figures, overheads, PowerPoint presentations, problem solving case studies, student presentations, videos, stories, and quotations.
  • To always look for ways to improve my teaching and my students learning by using self-evaluation, peer-evaluation, and student evaluation.


Professional Focus
In the area of Nutrition, my primary interest is to educate students on how to eat a healthy diet and be a healthy person. I am also intrigued by food system sustainability as well as the immune system, food allergies and pseudoallergies. It is my desire that people don't just eat to sustain life, but rather eat to prolong life and a high quality life at that. Since dietary practices and patterns are linked strongly to chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis, I aim to provide the most current reliable information related to diet and lifestyle factors to prevent such diseases. I also am interested in cultural differences in eating pattern and how this correlates to different epidemiological disease outcomes. Prior to WSU, I spent 8 years doing primary nutrition research studying the anti-cancer mechanisms of vitamin E on human cancer cells.


Significant Accomplishments, Publications, Creative Works


  • “George and Beth Lowe Innovative Teaching Award” March 22, 2005.
  • “Exemplar of Technology Delivered Instruction Award" from the Utah System of Higher Education, May 2005.

Online Course Development and Publication: I serve as the Online Director for the Nutrition Program. I have published and taught the following courses.

  • Nutrition LS 1020: Foundations of Nutrition
  • Nutrition 2320: Food Values, Diet Design, and Health
  • Nutrition 2420: Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition
  • Nutrition 3220: Foundations of Diet Therapy
  • Nutrition 3320: Nutrition and Health in the Older Adult.
  • Nutrition DV3420: Multicultural Health and Nutrition

Professional Service: I have and still do serve on numerous WSU committees including: Academic Resources and Computing, Online Testing Steering Committee, Salary, Benefits, Budget, and Fiscal Planning, Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, Faculty Senate, Executive Committee, Curriculum & General Education Committee, Vista Implementation Project Steering Committee member and eLearning Workstream (Co-Chair), Early Access Student Review Board, College of Education Curriculum Committee, Teaching and Learning Assessment Committee, Department faculty search committees, & NW Accreditation self-study committee (Chair).

Further, I advise students, oversee senior project and BIS capstone projects and give community talks. I am a member of the American Dietetic Association.


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Turley, J. M. Food system sustainability – definitions and a fishy example. The Environmental Impact of the Food Industry Panel, Tuesday, March 24th, Noon to 1:30 PM, Wildcat Theater, sponsored by WSU’s Environmental Issues Committee.

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Weber State University
Ogden, Utah 84408-2801