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Gary Willden
, Ed.D, CPRP
aka "Dr. FUN!"


Recreation Program Director


Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education

Department of Health Promotion & Human Performance

2801 University Circle

Ogden, UT  84408-2801


801-626-6228 (fax)



Teaching Assignments

REC 3050 Recreation and Leisure

REC 3600 Outdoor Adventure Recreation

REC 3610 Outdoor Survival Skills

REC 3840 Social and Therapeutic Recreation

REC 4550 Outdoor Education

REC 4930 Outdoor Education Workshop

PE 1520 Hiking

PE 1527 Rock Climbing, Elementary

PE 1528 Rock Climbing, Intermediate

PE 1630 Cross Country Skiing, Elementary

PE 1631 Cross Country Skiing, Intermediate

PE 3260 Lifetime Leisure Activities




I am the father of 7 children ages 19 to 35 - six sons and one daughter, and the grandfather of 9 (to date).  My wife, Joan and I live in Centerville, UT and are very active volunteers in church and community pursuits.  We are also real estate investors through our business "4th Habit Investors".  Joan runs a large seasonal greenhouse business in West Valley - Lambert Growers.

This year (2006-2007) I have been doing a "semi" sabbatical - spending 6 to 10 days per month down in Zion National Park.  My projects there have included trail use surveys, backcountry encounter monitoring, and I'm currently developing a big project on all the Movies that have been filmed in or very near the Park.  I'm planning on developing this into a DVD and/or book: "Hollywood Comes to Zion", and am working toward presenting a Film Festival of the 36 such movies I've been able to acquire, for the Zion Park Centennial in 2009.


Teaching Philosophy

I am a huge advocate of "experiential learning" and strive to incorporate as much actual "doing" activity in my courses as possible.  My students often comment on how much they enjoyed the fact that we actually DID things in my classes instead of just talking about them.  My desire is to topple the typical definition of a "Lecture" which is: "the transmittal of information from the notes of the professor to the notes of a student without passing through the mind of either".


Professional Focus
To enrich the lives of students and their families with active and adventurous outdoor pursuits; preparing some for successful recreation and outdoor careers, and providing all with motivation and inspiration to live fruitful lives.


Significant Accomplishments & Publications
I am a frequent attendee, presenter and honoree at a large number of professional organization conferences and am listed in at least 10 different National and International "Who's Who" type reference volumes.

Gary Willden Ed.D.
Weber State University
Health Promotion and Human Performance
Ogden, Utah 84408-2801
801 626-6470,