August 21, 2003

Dear Goddard School of Business and Economics Student:

All students taking classes in the Goddard School of Business and Economics, regardless of their declared major, are expected to adhere to the WSU student code. Ignorance of the code will not be accepted as an excuse for violation of the code. Copies of the student code are available on the WSU web site and from the Dean of Students. While students should be familiar with all sections of the code, the passages on the following page are especially relevant.


Michael B. Vaughan, Dean

Goddard School of Business and Economics




b. Plagiarism, which is the unacknowledged (uncited) use of any other person's or group's ideas or work. This includes purchased or borrowed papers;

c. Collusion, which is the unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing work offered for credit;

d. Falsification, which is the intentional and unauthorized altering or inventing of any information or citation in an academic exercise, activity, or record-keeping process;

e. Giving, selling or receiving unauthorized course or test information;

f. Using any unauthorized resource or aid in the preparation or completion of any course work, exercise or activity;

g. Infringing on the copyright law of the United States which prohibits the making of reproductions of copyrighted material except under certain specified conditions.

1. Institutional Sanctions - warning, reprimand, probation, suspension from specific privileges or services, interim suspension, prolonged suspension, expulsion;

2. Academic Sanctions - grade adjustment, loss of credit;

3. Monetary Sanctions - forfeiture, restitution, fines;

4. Personal Development Sanctions - requirement or recommendation for counseling, specific courses, workshops;

5. Group Sanctions - warning, reprimand, probation, suspension of privileges, revocation of "registered organization" status, group monetary and/or group personal development sanctions.