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  National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)
Daniel Hubler, Ph.D.

  Assistant Professor
  Department of Child and Family Studies
  Weber State University

  1301 University Circle

  Ogden, UT 84408-1301

  Office: 247 McKay Education Building
  Phone: 801-436-7243

Courses Currently Teaching

CHF 2100 Family Resource Management
CHF 2400 Family Relations
CHF 3850 Current Research Methods in Child and Family Studies
CHF 4650 Family LIfe Education Methods


Ph.D., Human Environmental Sciences, Oklahoma State University
M.S., Human Development and Family Science, Oklahoma State University  
B.S., Family Studies, Weber State University

Recent Work

Burr, B. K., Hubler, D. S., Larzelere, R. E., & Gardner, B. C. (2013). Applying the actor-partner interdependence model to micro-level analyses of marital partner affect during couple conversations. Marriage and Family Review, 49, 284-308.

Schwerdtfeger, K. L., Todd, J., Oliver, M., & Hubler, D (2013). Trying v. Not Trying: A qualitative exploration of pregnancy intentions, the transition to parenthood, and the couple relationship. Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy. 12, 113-134.

About Me

Thanks for visiting my page. Let me share some fun facts.

  1. I was born at home in the middle of an ice storm. My father served as my "midwife." If you knew my father, this would impress you. Trust me.
  2. I am an avid fan of football, impromptu road trips, comedy, country music, and all things food. If you come by my office discussing any of these topics, I may bore you with my own views after a few hours.
  3. My wife and I enjoy taking road trips with our two children (Hank the border collie and Harley the basset hound).
  4. I'm an Oklahoma State University football fan. Go Pokes!
  5. I try to make it to all of the Weber State University home football games. I hope to see you there.
  6. I am passionate in my research, teaching, and exploring of all things concerning family relationships, family life education, and communication styles and skills.
  7. It is my goal to enjoy my life regardless of the circumstances, and I hope to share that enjoyment with others around me.


Department of Child and Family Studies, Weber State University
1301 University Circle, Ogden, Utah 84408-1301
Phone: 801-626-7151; Fax: 801-626-7427; E-mail: