Department of Zoology







Christopher W. Hoagstrom, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Lea Lake overflow wetlands, New Mexico, 2014

Hello and welcome!  My role in the Department of Zoology is to be an aquatic ecologist and vertebrate biologist.  I assist with Principles of Zoology I and II labs and lectures as well as the non-majors class Animal Biology.  I am lead for the upper-level courses Aquatic Ecology, Ichthyology, and Zoogeography.  My research interests involve fish ecology, conservation, and biogeography with emphasis on how fish-assemblag composition relates to environmental conditions and histories.  Explore this site to learn more or contact me with questions or ideas.


Willard Creek near Willard, Utah, 2010

Avocet Pond, Ogden Nature Center, 2009