Serving Utah’s Online and Distance Learners
Utah Library Association May 9, 2003 
  • Carol Hansen – Weber State University
  • Sally Patrick – Emporia/SLIM, WSU & Eccles
  • Eve Tallman – Grand County Public Library
Powerpoint Slides ACRL Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services 
(2002 draft revision)

Ideas from participants from the small and large group discussions that followed the panel:

1) Make sure online students are more aware of resources and Web sites from their institution. Does every academic library offering online and distance courses have a Web page or pages supporting online and distance learning needs? Is it easy for students, faculty and public librarians to find and use?

2) Better market shared resources such as 24/7, ebooks and and Net Library to online and distance learners and faculty.

3) Make sure it is clear for everyone to know what is available on and off campus, and what one needs toi know to access online resources from off campus.

4) What is available at special libraries that may be of interest/help to online and distance learners? Special librarians need to better communicate information about these resources to academic and public library communities.

5) UALC needs to do a much better job of developing, keeping up to date and promoting its  web site on distance learning resources.  UALC Distance Learning committee members need to make sure these pages are accurate and up to date. 

6) UALC, ULA and UELMA need more and better communication in supporting this group of students and in coordinating information literacy across the state. 

7) A module should be developed by UPLIFT and/or the Internet Navigator to support training for public librarians involved in assisting online and distance learners. 

8) Use ULA listserv to better promote services for online and distance learners and to make better use of Pioneer.

9) An article should appear every year in Directions to share information on how academic and public librarians can and are working together to support online and distance learners, and promoting new and valuable resources for this group of faculty and students.

Send comments to Carol Hansen. 05/16/2003