Stewart Library Information Literacy Team

 2003/2004 Annual Report

July 1, 2003 to June 20, 2004

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The Stewart Library information program supports the Weber State University mission and the Stewart Library mission.  The program has been developed to comply with ACRL and AAHE's national standards and ACRL's best practices guidelines. 

The team, over the past year, has continued its use of the assessment plans developed last year for each type of information literacy instruction we provide. Faculty members have included assessment information in their Faculty Annual Reports.. Assessment of the English 2010 exercise has resulted in a new professionally designed exercise for each student in our most often presented information literacy sessions. The information literacy team completed over 185 course integrated sessions this year, up 27% from 2002/2003. 

The following goals were met by the Information Literacy Team in the 2003-2004 academic year:

bulletMore  Internet Navigator sections and adjuncts were added in order to provide more students with more options for meeting WSU's information literacy competency requirement. In the past two years the team has nearly doubled (from 11 to 20) the number of Internet Navigator sections offered.
bulletAn excellent web based library instruction database was implemented in order to automatically keep track of instruction data. This was added to the faculty portal in March by Ben Barraza. Jamie Weeks has inputted the earlier data and we now have an accurate database for the entire 2003/2004 academic year. This will simplify and streamline records for faculty and increase accuracy of the data we collect.
bulletThe Internet Navigator curriculum has been integrated into the Web CT interface. A faculty orientation guide for teaching the Internet Navigator on Web CT for Stewart Library and adjunct faculty has been made available by  Carol in order to assist with Web CT delivery. New University of Washington UWILL flash interactive tutorials have also been included by Shaun in order to increase active learning for students. Art has helped improve the section on documentation.
bulletThe English 2010 Exercise subcommittee (Fran, Carol and Lonna) worked with a graphic arts student to design a new 2010 exercise in order to make it more attractive and professional and to better market library services and resources to a large number of WSU students
bulletA more formal partnership has been developed with Student Services in order to better integrate information literacy across the curriculum information and to better serve "college tier students." Student Services personnel were particularly interested in our 2003 summary assessment data. Carol, Shaun and Fran co-planned and delivered Internet Navigator course for Upward Bound students during June and July 2004    
bulletThe library has formalized its support for the Undergraduate Research initiative in order to reinforce and enhance the information literacy skills of upper division students in their majors. A Web page was created for Stewart library Support for Undergraduate Research. Students applying for research funding are now required to list three relevant sources of information and are directed to ask for help from subject librarians as needed
bulletThe team has made numerous suggestions regarding the library Web site via WAG in order to improve the library Web site for our patrons. Some of which have been or may be implemented by Systems. 
bulletThe information literacy competency exam has been continually improved with assistance from the TBE (Telecommunications and Business Education) department in order to better assist students. Student comments have been increasingly favorable. 
bulletThe information literacy team has also been involved  (for the last time) in the Association of Research Libraries SAILS (Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) assessment with over forty other academic libraries in order to benchmark our program. Over 350 WSU students took the SAILS test and we will get results, comparing our students' scores to students across the country, later this year

Members of the information literacy team include Faculty: Art Carpenter, Evan Christensen, Carol Hansen, Joan Hubbard, JaNae Kinikin, Wade Kotter, Kathy Payne, Shaun Spiegel and Carey Sydney (from April 15 to July 8) and Staff: Brianna Beckstrand, Lonna Rivera,  Don Trottier (beginning Spring 2004) and Fran Zedney. The annual report is compiled from minutes of team meetings and from data supplied in the Faculty Activity Reports and from team members.  The minutes of each team meeting are available on the team intranet. Team member's are heartily congratulated for their active engagement in team activities and for all of their many accomplishments this year.

Information Literacy Data

The following table illustrates the data collected on instruction sessions provided:

Type of Instruction 2001/2002 2002/2003


Faculty/Staff involvement this year
 sections students sections students sections students
For credit
8  @240 9 270 8 200 Kathy, JaNae, Wade, Art, Evan
11  @1130 18 1575 20 2125 Carol, Art, Shaun, Kathy & 5 adjuncts
2 60 2 60 2 55 Carol
1 8 1 50 Shaun
Total for credit  21 1430 30 1913 31 2430  
English 2010 93 2071 101 2,152 102 2,378 Art, Evan, Wade, Fran, Shaun, Carol, JaNae, Lonna,  Peggy, Brianna
FYE 21 413 29 609 23 431 Carol, Art, Evan, Wade, Shaun, Fran, Lonna, Peggy, Ja Nae, Brianna
Course Integrated 132 2737 134 2419? 191 3483 Carol, Don, Evan, Fran, Kathy, Lonna Shaun, Wade, JaNae
Other General & Untangling the Web sessions by Library Faculty/staff 21 231 33 442 32 356 Carol, Don, Kathy, Lonna, Wade, Shaun, Fran 
Total not for credit sessions   267   297   318    

Course Integrated Instruction by College:

College (most instruction done by) 2001/2002 2002/2003 2003/2004 WSU % Enrollment by College
Total 133 134 185 (up 27%)
Arts and Humanities (Carol/41 and Fran/42) 45 60 83 8
Education (& BIS)  (Evan (& Carol/2)) 30 23 16 8.5
Social Science (Wade) 29 19 27 9.8
Business (Shaun) 13 16 14 9.9
Science (JaNae) 8 9 11 6.2
Health Professions (Shaun/13, Fran/1 & Evan/6) 3 3 20 12.6
Applied Science and Technology (JaNae) 5 4 6 14.8
Library Science (Brianna & Lonna) 6

English 2010 and FYE sessions are excluded from the table above. The data above is collected by the Library Office Specialist or staff, from the new Library Instruction Database. Data for this report was extracted on June 20th and may change by July 1.

Information Literacy Competency Exam Data

The following table illustrates the data on exams:

Registered Total Retakes Credit Withdrew No Credit
Summer 2001 89 37 67 6 22
Fall 2001 253 58 149 4 100
Spring 2002 356 126 240 10 106
Summer 2002 85 1 61 1 24
Fall 2002 321 19 242 8 71
Spring 2003 382 79 276 5 101
Summer 2003
Fall 2003
Spring 2004 434 45  (39 passes) 293 55 86

This data is collected by Carole Lapine, TBE Department. Summer and Fall 2003 data will be added in July 2004.


The information literacy team was involved in the following scholarly activities relating to information literacy:



Lombardo, Nancy and Carol Hansen, “So Many Meetings, So Little Time: Using IP Videoconferencing to Revitalize Statewide Committees. Libres: Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal 14.1 (March 2004). 


Spiegel, S., & Kinikin, J. (2004, May). "Promoting Geographic Information System usage across campus." Computers in Libraries, 10-16.


[Submitted November 2003. Accepted for review in April 2004 and the revision is in progress awaiting instructions from the editor.] Spiegel, Shaun, Lauren Fowler and Carol Hansen, "Using Selected Assessment Data to Information Literacy Program Planning with Campus Partners" under revision, returned with comments to prepare for publication in Research Strategies. [peer reviewed]


bulletNational/International Presentations
bulletHansen, Carol. Imagining the Future: Creating a Shared Vision for Information Literacy in Washington, Workshop for 95 community and technical college librarians in Washington, Lake Washington Community College, Seattle, April 9, 2004. Invited by Deb Gilchrist and Washington state community college information literacy committee.
bulletSpiegel, S., and Durkee, D. Incorporating Information Literacy into the Accounting Curriculum. Presented at the British Accounting Association Education Special Interest Group Annual Conference, May 26-28, 2004. Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

State/Regional Presentations
bulletHansen, Carol, Shaun Spiegel and Nan Allsen. Practical Applications of Assessment: A K-20 Dialogue, Utah Library Association, May 6, 2004
bulletSpiegel, S., & Goebel Brown, A. Is Factiva Giving You a Headache? Presented at the Utah Library Association Annual Conference, Ogden, UT, May 2004.

bulletOn Campus Presentations
bulletCarpenter, Art. Presentation on the Stewart Library at the WSU New Faculty Retreat, Snowbird August 2003.
bulletHansen, Carol and Shaun Spiegel. Student Services and Information Literacy, Student Services department heads, November 3, 2003
bulletHansen, Carol and Shaun Spiegel. Student Services and Information Literacy, for 40 Student Services staff members, November 20, 2003

Funded Grants

bulletSpiegel, S. “Incorporating Information Literacy into the Accounting Curriculum: Presentation at the British Accounting Association Education Special Interest Group.” Weber State University Research, Scholarship, & Professional Growth (RS&PG), May 2004, $709.


Our major challenge from the past two years, lack of staff, remains our largest ongoing challenge.  Demand for course integrated instruction sessions has increased 27% in the past year. We have taught over 400 more students in our for credit courses this year than we did last year. Faculty across campus are increasingly interested in working with librarians to improve the information literacy skills of their students, at the basic level and in the major. Information literacy is seen as an important pedagogy to increase student learning, student writing and critical thinking. The information literacy initiative offers very strong support for the Undergraduate Research in student's upper division courses. 

As demand for our program continues to grow, on all levels, we have had an extremely difficult time recruiting new faculty. With Jill's/Ruby's position still unfilled, Carey's resignation and Carol's leave of absence, the IL team is increasingly understaffed. Hiring new faculty members is critically important to maintain our goals for IL across the curriculum. Another full time position is desperately needed to meet the needs of all the colleges, especially Arts and Humanities which is the largest user of our program. The next two years offer a great opportunity for team members to share their leadership talents with the team and to hopefully bring in new faculty and staff from inside and outside the library to the continue building the Information Literacy initiative at WSU and beyond. Other major challenges for the future include working more closely with the local school districts and the Applied Technology Colleges in better training and coordination IL instruction from K-12 to college.

Another major challenge has been the continued lack of programming and graphic arts assistance within the library.  We still lack on site support but we have been diligent in finding excellent assistance for graphic arts and programming from outside the library. Until December of this year the team was still required to use the insecure online SNAP student end of course evaluation system. Luckily, through finding outside assistance ( Chitester staff) we finally migrated to a new more secure online student end of course evaluation. Again this year, the library information literacy team could greatly benefit from more programming assistance. If it were available we would not have to continually hunt for outside help. We hope the  3/4 time Web development position will be able to devote time to meet some of the programming/graphics/media needs of the information literacy team. 

Team Goals for 2003/2004

The new team leader will develop new goals with the team in the Fall of 2004. Previous team goals are available on the intranet and IL program page.

This annual report was last updated on 06/23/2004 . Please send comments to Carol Hansen, Professor and Instruction Services Librarian