Stewart Library Instruction Team

 2001/2002 Annual Report

July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002

Overview Data 2001/2002 Goals Scholarship Challenges 2002/2003 Goals


The Stewart Library instruction team has worked diligently over the past several years to develop our instruction program to comply with national standards and best practices.  Our program was selected this year by ACRL as on one of the top ten programs that model best practices in information literacy programming for undergraduates. Five participants from Weber State  will attend and participate in an invitational conference on information literacy hosted by ACRL in Atlanta in June 2002. 

Another major accomplishment of the team over the past year has been the development of assessment plans for each type of instruction provided by Stewart Library faculty and staff. In addition, a new and more authentic information literacy competency exam has been developed and implemented with assistance from the TBE ( Telecommunications and Business Education) department. Team members have been actively involved in the Web usability studies, and in the Web redesign project. Individual instruction efforts of team members during the past year has continued to support the Weber State University mission and the Stewart Library mission.  

Members of the instruction team include Carol Hansen, Brianna Beckstrand, JaNae Kinikin (beginning December 2001) Art Carpenter, Evan Christensen, Joan Hubbard,  Wade Kotter, Ruby Licona, Jill Newby (until December 2001), Kathy Payne, Peggy Pierce, Lonna Rivera, Shaun Spiegel, and Fran Zedney. The annual report is compiled from minutes of team meetings and from data supplied in the Faculty Activity Reports from faculty team members (minus FAR's from Ruby and Kathy this year.) The  minutes of each team meeting are available on the team intranet. Team member's are heartily congratulated for their active engagement in team activities and for all of their many accomplishments this year. Jill Newby left for a new position at University of Arizona in December, she will be greatly missed!

Instruction Data

The following table illustrates the data collected on instruction sessions provided:

Type of Instruction 2000/2001 2001/2002 + or - sections or sessions Faculty/Staff involvement this year
  # sessions # students # sessions # students

For credit
8 244 8  @240   Carol, Ruby, Wade, Art, Evan, Shaun
6 476 11  @1130 +5 Carol, Art, Shaun, Kathy
0   course dropped from catalog    
English 2010 90 2129 93 2071  +3 Art, Evan, Wade,Fran, Shaun, Ruby, Carol, JaNae, Lonna,  Peggy, Brianna
FYE 26 580 21 413  -5 Carol, Art, Evan, Wade, Shaun, Fran, Lonna, Peggy, Ja Nae, Brianna
Subject Specific 160 2994 152 2737  -8 Carol, Art, Evan, Fran, Kathy, Shaun, Wade, Jill, JaNae, Ruby
Other General & Untangling the Web sessions by Library Faculty/staff 46 763 21 231 -25  Art, Evan, Carol, Wade, Jill, Kathy, Lonna, Shaun, Fran
Total students served:            

Note: The number of instruction sessions offered for FYE and English 2010 depends on their course offerings. FYE offered fewer sections this year, and the English department offered more sections. 

Fewer subject specific and other general sessions may be due to various  scheduling complications this year including September 11th, the Olympic break, Carol's sabbatical and Jill's departure.

The data above is collected by Kathy Thiriot, Library Office Specialist, from the monthly instruction data forms submitted by instruction team members.

See also the statistical data Fran Zedney keeps on classroom use.

Information Literacy Competency Exam Data

The following table illustrates the data on exams:

Registered for Exam Passed on first try Passed on 2nd or later try Withdrew Failed and did not retake No Shows - Did not take exam
Fall 1999 14 14 0 0 0 0
Spring 2000 51 35 6 2 3 5
Summer 2000 37 20 5 0 0 12
Fall 2000 142 81 8 6 6 41
Registered Total Retakes Credit Withdrew No Credit
Spring 2001 177 50 133 3 44
Summer 2001 89 37 67 6 22
Fall 2001 253 58 149 4 100
Spring 2002 356 126 240 10 106

This data is collected by Carole Lapine, TBE Department.

Instruction Team Goals

The team created long range goals based on the ACRL Best Practices for Information Literacy draft document at our October 5, 2000 meeting. Under each long range goal, priority action items were strategically targeted. Each action item completed this year is listed below.

Sustaining Outcome:  Provide a comprehensive instruction program for WSU students including, for credit, online and on demand instruction in order to graduate students with information literacy competencies.


The instruction team has reframed itself as an information literacy program in order to better meet  the needs of our students and the new ACRL national standards and guidelines.

  1. Mission:  
    bulletThe team Mission was reframed for the information literacy program. 
  2. Goals and Objectives: 
    bulletProgram goals were reviewed, revised and approved by team during Fall 2001.
  3. Planning: 
    bulletThe annual report  includes priority strategic goals for the coming year. 
    bulletFaculty Activity Records were used (except for Ruby and Kathy) to document faculty activities including professional development and scholarship. 
    bulletInstruction data is displayed by department in order to assist bibliographers with future planning for subject specific sessions. 
    bulletDocuments describing the program and charting its evolution were developed for the Web and reviewed/revised by the team
    bulletInstruction staffing plan was placed on the Web 
    bullet Teaching schedule was made available on the Web
    bullet Assessment plans were developed and implemented for each type of instruction 
    bulletAssessment data is used to continually improve the program
    bulletPlanning included a program for professional staff and faculty development. Team members attended the following continuing education programs supporting their work in instruction:
    bulletACRL Institute for Information Literacy Immersion Program, New York State University at Plattsburgh, August 3-8, 2001 (Carol)
    bulletAmerican Anthropological Association Annual meeting, Nov 2001, Washington, DC (Wade)
    bulletALA Mid Winter Conference, January 2002, New Orleans (Wade, Shaun)
    bulletProject SAILS Working Group Meeting, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, April 12-13, 2002 (Carol)
    bulletOCLC Workshop on Creating a New Reference Librarianship, Las Vegas, NV, May 20-22, 2002 (JaNae)
    bulletACRL Invitational Conference on Best Practices in Information Literacy  Atlanta, June 12-13, 2002 (Carol, Fran, Shaun)
    bulletALA Annual Conference, June 2002, Atlanta Ga. (Wade, Fran, Shaun)
    bulletSpecial Libraries Association Annual Conference, June 10-12, 2002 (JaNae)
    bulletEccles Info Fair, March 20, 2002 (Carol, Fran, JaNae)
    bulletULA Annual Conference, May 2002 (Wade, Art, Shaun, Carol, Evan)

    UALC Distance Learning Committee Road Trip, Moab, April 25, 2002 (Carol)

    bulletPhotoshop 1, New Horizons Training Center, March 6 and 13, 2002 (Carol)
    bulletDreamweaver 1, New horizons Training Center, February 15 and 22, 2002 (Carol)
    bulletMPLA/AZLA Annual Conference, December 6, 2001, Phoenix AZ (Carol)
    bulletWSU and Stewart Library
    bulletSNAP Training, June 4, 2002. (Carol, Shaun, Fran, and?)
    bulletClassroom Assessment Techniques, April 25, 2002 (JaNae, Shaun)
    bulletVirtual Reference Teleconference, February 2002 (Wade) & April 19, 2002 (Fran, Carol Lonna)
    bulletDeveloping Student Centered Instructional Activities, January 23, 2002, (JaNae)
    bulletIntroduction to Dreamweaver, CATS, November 16, 2001 (Carol)
    bulletWSU Third Annual Conference on Diversity, WSU, November 2, 2001 (Carol)
    bulletStrengthening Undergrduate Education presentation by Dr. Richard J. Light, September 25, 2001 (Art)
    bulletWSU Online Update for Faculty, September 25, 2001 (Carol)
    bulletStewart Library Mini Information Literacy Immersion, August 23, 2001 (Carol, Joan, Fran, Shaun, Ruby, Evan, Art, Jill)
    bulletShaun Spiegel planned a very successful Spring workshop on marketing library services. Approximately 15 persons attended the session, including librarians and library directors from Morgan County Public library system and BYU in Provo. (Shaun, Carol, JaNae, Evan, Joan, Wade, Fran)
  4. Administrative Support and Teaching Environments: 
    bulletThe following documents were reviewed and updated this year:
    bullet Instruction Services Policies and Procedures were reviewed annually by team and updated as needed.
    bulletInstruction Performance Expectations were reviewed annually by team and revised as needed.
    bullet Faculty Evaluation Criteria for Instruction was be reviewed annually by team and revised as needed.
    bulletA new calendar for quickly and easily scheduling classrooms and instruction sessions was ordered and may be implemented Summer 2002 or we may use the software given to us by USU. 
    bulletInstruction team worked with the Web Usability Committee and the Web Advisory Group to help plan the new library Web site.
  5. Articulation with the curriculum:
    bulletA diagram of the information literacy program and our partners was developed.
    bullet Web syllabi for each for credit course have been put on the Web by teaching faculty.
    bullet Online student end of course evaluations were made available for every course by BIR. SNAP is also being reviewed as an option for this for next year.
  6. Collaboration: 
    bulletInstruction Team continued ongoing collaborations with FYE, English 2010, TBE, and through partnerships with many other departments and areas. 
  7. Pedagogy:
    bullet More assignments requiring student reflection were added to Internet Navigator modules.
    bulletImprovements to each of the the Internet Navigator course assignments were made and loaded for Summer 2002. In addition cleaning up of typos was accomplished for most of the modules.
    bulletBibliographers have developed and updated many new and existing research guides to enhance subject specific instruction.
  8. Staff:
    bulletWe are very happy to welcome JaNae Kinikin (new Physical and Applied Sciences Librarian) and Brianna Beckstrand (from Special Collections) to the team this year.  Ruby Licona will begin as Health Sciences Librarian.  
    bulletThe instruction team assisted with the hiring of new faculty in order to to increase numbers of faculty involved in instruction team activities. By reducing involvement in Eng2010s and FYEs faculty will hopefully have more time for subject specific sessions next year. 
  9. Outreach:
    bulletThe information literacy program identified its key audiences, partners and constituencies in order to best meet their needs, facilitate communication with stakeholders, and to continually improve the program.
    bulletThe following Web pages were completed to demonstrate the team's activities this year in the following areas:
    bulletUpper Division Subject Specific Instruction
    bulletLower Division Subject Specific Instruction
    bulletInstruction for the Community
    bulletThe instruction team encouraged the development and implementation of a library wide marketing plan.
    bulletInstruction team faculty have demonstrated an active involvement in campus professional development and training
    bulletWSU New Faculty Retreat (Shaun, Library TLA Committee member)
    bulletWSU New Student Orientations (Kathy and Fran have worked with WSU Orientation and improved our existing poster display)
    bulletInstruction team members represented the library and the information literacy program on the following committees:
    bulletFaculty Senate
    bulletConstitutional Review Apportionment Organization (Evan)
    bulletAdmissions, Standards and Student Affairs (Art)
    bulletCurriculum and General Education (Wade 2001-2002)
    bullet Teaching, Learning and Asessment (Shaun 2001-2002)
    bullet Faculty Senate (Jill/Kathy 2001-2002)
    bulletFaculty Senate Ad-Hoc Committee for Online Instruction (Shaun)
    bulletOther WSU Committees
    bulletAssessment (Ruby 2001-2002)
    bullet WSUOnline RFP Committee (Shaun)
    bulletUniversity Council on Teacher Education (Evan)
    bulletDental Hygiene Department New Faculty Selection Committee (Carol Fall 2001 to present)
    bulletDepartment of Foreign Languages Peer Review Committee (Carol, Fall 2001)
    bulletInstruction team members demonstrated an active involvement in international, national, regional or statewide organizations supporting the further advancement of information literacy.
    bulletSAILS Advisory Group (Carol)
    bulletUALC Reference and Information Literacy Committee (Carol and Kathy)
    bulletUALC Collection Development Committee (Wade)
    bulletUALC Professional Development Committee (Art)

    UALC Distance Education Committee (Carol)  

    bulletUALC Internet Navigator Maintenance Team (Carol and Shaun)
    bulletULA ACRL Roundtable Vice Chair (Shaun)
    bulletULA Reference and Adult Services Roundtable, member at large (JaNae)
  10. Assessment:
    bulletAssessment plans were developed for each type of instruction in order to continually improve instruction. Each plan and much of the data is made available on the Web.
    bulletA Web form for end of course evaluations was made available by BIR (Carol and BIR, Fall 2001)


The instruction team was involved in the following scholarly activities relating to instruction:



FORTHCOMING: Hansen, Carol, "Internet Resources on Dance," College and Research Libraries News, December 2002. Invited and peer reviewed


Hansen, Carol, "The Internet Navigator: An Online Course for Distance Learners," Library Trends, 50 (1) Summer 2001. (finally appeared in print this winter!) Invited and peer reviewed.


Hansen, Carol, Teaching the Internet in 50 Minutes. This PowerPoint was selected for inclusion in the MERLOT Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching database. 

bulletKotter, Wade. Review of "Creating Web Based Databases." College and Research Libraries, September 2001.
bulletKotter, Wade. "Improving Subject Access in Anthropology." Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian, April 2002. Juried


Off Campus

bullet Hansen, Carol and Lombardo, Nancy, Taming the Dragon: The Collaborative Revitalization of an Online Library Skills Course, presentation accepted for Mountain Plains Library Association and Arizona Library Association Joint Conference in Phoenix in December 2001.
bulletFORTHCOMING: Spiegel, Shaun and Carol Hansen, Statewide Collaborative Web Resources for Faculty Supporting Information Literacy. World EdMedia 2002, Denver, June 26, 2002.
bulletHansen, Carol, Betty Dance and Stephanee Goodcliffe. Meeting the Challenge of  Library Instruction in Core Writing Courses, Utah Library Association, Sandy, Utah, May 4, 2001. 
bulletKotter, Wade, Researching Anthropology in the Digital Library, presentation at the American Anthropological Association Annual meeting, Washington, DC, November 2001.

On Campus

bulletEvan Christensen, Carol Hansen, JaNae Kinikin, Wade, Kotter, Ruby Licona and Shaun Spiegel, From Face to Face to Interface, Faculty Mentor Training in Online Teaching, June 7, 2002, For WSUOnline sponsored faculty training event, in Stewart Library.


bulletNo instruction related grants were written or awarded this year. 
bulletThe Internet Navigator Maintenance Team (Carol Hansen and Shaun Spiegel are members) will receive ongoing funds and support from UALC.


bulletWSU Stewart Library's information literacy program  was selected as one of the top ten programs nationwide for undergraduates by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). Five WSU faculty/staff (Carol Hansen, Shaun Spiegel, Fran Zedney, David Eisler and Catherine Zublin) will participate in ACRL's Best Practices in Information Literacy  Invitational Conference in Atlanta from June 12-13, 2002, at their expense! 


A major challenge for several members of the team has been the changing level of support for Web enhanced classes. Several team members worked with Alan Livingston, up to late Fall 2000 and really liked the programs he had implemented, especially the grade book and student end of course evaluation we could use in our electronic classroom. Unfortunately he was removed from this project to undertake the revitalization of the campus Web.  The WSUOnline team decided to start from scratch and we lost access to programs that had worked well for us in the past. They felt they had other priorities and, for the second year in a row, our needs are still not being met. A useable grade book integrating rolls for our cross listed courses has not been made available, nor was the Web delivered end of course evaluation. A new campus committee is looking into working with a new vendor for online courseware. Shaun Spiegel is a member o f this committee and we hope improvements will occur.

We waste time by not having an automated method for scheduling our classrooms and gathering instruction data. Scheduling and gathering of instruction statistics must become much more automated. Members of the instruction team have difficulty finding the time to find, evaluate or set up new software or systems. This is an ongoing project.

Again this year, the library instruction team could greatly benefit from more programming assistance. If it were available we would not have to wait for Garth Tuck, the WSUOnline team or Steve Kerr in BIR to do the things we need and we could incorporate many needed improvements into our Web resources and course materials.  The 3/4 time Web development position has not been able to devote any time to meet the programming needs of the instruction team. The implementation of SNAP hopefully assist in completing evaluations and surveys. It is hoped that new scheduling software can assist in instruction data collection. 

Team Goals for 2002/2003

The team approved the draft goals at the Spring team meeting. These goals have been refined for the coming year and will be discussed at the first Fall 2002 team meeting. See 2002/2003 draft team goals.

This annual report was last updated on 01/31/2004 . Please send comments to Carol Hansen, Professor and Instruction Services Librarian