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Information Literacy Exam - TBE 1504

Sample Questions

The TBE 1504 Information Literacy Competency exam will include:

Search engines are most useful for finding:
A) scholarly journal articles.
B) Web sites.
C) books in your library.
Usually, newer articles (less than 6 months old) will be found in the current periodicals area of the library.

(answers will vary according to topic and research, click on links above for tutorials to learn more)

Many of the exam questions are quite similar to the assignments and quizzes found in the Internet Navigator online course. Review the quizzes and assignments in the Internet Navigator online course. Are you able to answer those questions correctly?  If yes, try taking the exam. If you are not sure of the answers you may choose to take a course instead of the exam, or study the following before taking the exam.

Remember, we recommend taking a course, Lib Sci 1704, Lib Sci/BusAdm 2704, or  Lib Sci 2201, instead of taking the exam , whenever possible, to meet the Information Literacy requirement. 

Last updated 01/09/2003 . Please send comments or suggestions to: Carol Hansen, Instruction Services Librarian.