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Final Project Learning Outcomes


This is a “problem based learning*” assignment asking students to imagine a real world scenario and apply skills and content from the course to solve the problem. The problem is "How can your group best develop a plan for a current Humanities project, product or performance of your choosing?" After completing this project plan students will be able to demonstrate:


There are two parts to the project and it is worth 300 points, see grading rubric.

  1. Group Plan

    • group plan and oral presentation

    • some points are assigned by group members for each other.

  2. Individual List of Resources



Students will work in groups, and individually, to create a plan for the development of a Humanities project, product or performance. Students will individually gather resources needed to assist with the development and implementation of the team project they choose. Each team will have 4 to 5 members.


Imagine you are a member of a team developing a detailed plan for a  Humanities project, product or performance. Your team will select the imaginary project from within the broad scope of the Humanities. Project plans could include, but are not limited to, examples in the list below:

Instructor approval is needed for each project. The team needs to imagine the total concept for the project, from inspiration to design, to implementation and ongoing support or maintenance. The details of the plan will depend on the needs of the specific project your team designs.


Each member of the team must select a specific role or area of concentration or interest within the group project. [For example: Costume designer, lighting director, director, choreographer, author, gallery owner, artist, artists apprentice, novelist, publisher, composer, screenwriter, etc…] All members of the team will need to conceptualize the whole project, then bring their individual ideas together to finish the project plan. A great deal of critical thinking and background information is needed to complete the project plan.


GROUP PLAN (introduction & Summary):


Each team will develop a detailed project plan. Include all of the following in a 3 page Word document, about 1100 to 1400 words, double spaced, 12 font. This will be emailed to the instructor by the team leader:






Each student will create an annotated bibliography. This is a unique list of resources focusing on your unique role or area of interest within the project plan. This will also be a Word document emailed to the instructor.  See  "3 Easy Steps to Getting an A"


The list of resources will include the following:



GROUP GRADE: 50 Points

Points will be assigned by the group. The following form may be used. The team leader will send the group assigned grade for each individual to Carol before the final due date.

Title of Group Project:______________________________________________

Name of Group Member Being Evaluated:_______________________________________

Name of Evaluator:_________________________________________

Instructions: Evaluate your peer using the criteria below. Rate each criterion from 1 to 10, with 10 denoting the best rating. The highest possible score is 50.

  1. Attended and participated in group meetings and was on time______
  2. Contributed  to the overall group plan_____
  3. Accepted and completed a fair share of responsibility for the project_____
  4. Completed assigned tasks on time_____
  5. Helped others when appropriate_____

What percentage of the work did this person complete?____

What was this person's most significant contribution?

Other comments:





* Ideas for this assignment and the assignment structure came from the following  book:

Levin, Barbara B. Energizing Teacher Education and Professional Development with Problem Based Learning. Alexandria, VA.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2001.