Business Plan Assignment

The business plan assignment consists of three parts: proposal, presentation, and final business plan. The assignment will be graded with the following weights: proposal (10%), presentation (15%), and final business plan (75%).

The assignment will be completed on a team basis. Class members will form three-person teams. Although team members are free to allocate the work in any equitable fashion, you might consider assigning one person to do the marketing plan, a second the financial plan, and a third the remaining portions of the business plan.

Each team member should be generally familiar with all sections of the business plan and have every opportunity to provide input into the plan as a whole. Teams should select a team leader to call and arrange for meetings, coordinate collaborative efforts, and facilitate team communications. All team members will be expected to participate in the development of the business plan proposal, presentation of the business plan to the class, and the writing of the final business plan.

Business Plan Proposal

After brainstorming and considering several business ideas, choose one idea and prepare a two-page written proposal outlining your idea, team member assignments, and how you plan to proceed with the project. In the proposal, you should touch briefly on the products/services to be sold, target market, marketing strategy, productions/operations plan, management plan, and financial projections. Obviously, this will be a carefully thought-through proposal, not just a casual assignment. However, it is anticipated that the initial thoughts in the proposal will evolve and become more refined as you work on the project throughout the rest of the semester.

The business plan proposal is due on Thursday, October 28th

Business Plan Presentation

Each team will give a 20 minute presentation on their business plan. It is suggested that at least five minutes of this time be set aside for questions and answers. All team members are expected to participate in these presentations. The presentations should be professional in every way, including the dress of the team members, the use of PowerPoint slideshows and/or other appropriate presentation technologies, and in the tone and demeanor of participants. The presentation will be worth 15% of the total business plan assignment grade.

Business plan presentations will take place on Thursday, December 9, 2004.

Written Business Plan

 The final written business plan should be no more than 40 pages in length, excluding appendices. The plan should follow carefully the outlines provided in the textbook. You may use the templates provided with the text, but you are not to use commercial business planning software (e.g. Business Plan Pro). The written business plan should include the following:

  1. Letter of transmittal

  2. Title Page

  3. Table of Contents

  4. Executive Summary

  5. Vision and mission statement

  6. Company overview

  7. Products and/or services plan

  8. Marketing plan

  9. Management plan

  10. Operating plan

  11. Financial plan

  12. Appendix of supporting documents

The written plan should be carefully written, clear and logical in its presentation, and otherwise follow the guidelines presented in the text. The final copy should be professionally (but inexpensively) bound or in an inexpensive loose leaf binder.

It is strongly recommended that a semi-final draft of the business plan be completed before the class presentations on December 9th. The draft can then be refined based on feedback from the instructor and class members based on the class presentation.

The written business plan is worth 75% of the business plan assignment grade and is due on Thursday, December 16, 2004.