Newman Catholic Student Center


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Father Charles Cummins
3738 Custer Avenue
Ogden Utah  84403
(801) 399-9531

Newman Centers In Utah

Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City

United States Catholic Conference

At your Newman Center you can

  • Make new friends.
  • Enrich your faith.
  • Study and relax...

We Offer Spirited Support.

At Utah's Catholic Campus Ministry Newman Centers we provide students with welcomed support during college life. You meet people the same age with similar interests and concerns. Each center not only serves as a public presence of Christianity in the academic world, but also offers a place to nurture lasting relationships in a social and spiritual setting. Here Catholic students and teachers gather together in a community of shared values. We empower Catholics to develop their faith while being a strong witness to God.

There are many challenges that exist in the academic world. We support a Christian conscience so you have a religious basis for many of the moral decisions facing you. By participating in our programs we hope you will have a healthy spiritual, emotional and psychological experience on campus.

Fostering a spirit of service through social justice, outreach and leadership are an integral part of our mission. By reaching out to others we share our message, see other's perspectives and are able to give of ourselves. Our Newman Centers are active with many academic, spiritual and social events. Each of these functions is not only a time of fellowship, but also an opportunity to serve our community.

Mass Schedule

Saturdays   6:00 pm
Sundays  6:00 pm  7:00 pm
 Mon Tue Wed Fri  12:30 pm

The above schedule may change due to holidays and changes in the university calendar.   For an update on the weekly Mass schedule, please call us at (801) 399-9531.